Worth getting back into?

Played the game daily for years, was in a top 10 War clan and grinded the game hard. Haven’t played in at least 2 years and was wondering if the game had any significant improvements and is still fun to play or it’s still pretty much grind events and have to do war. Thanks.

It’s still a grind yes, if that’s what you’re wondering. Grind never ends, but war isn’t required really.

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Nah it ain’t worth it, since Deca took over it’s the same game hothead had. Just new characters and nothing new

If you like the game, I think it’s only gotten better. My account is 2254 days, so not the longest, but enough to say that each forward step they make is very purposeful and it feels like a lot of the weaknesses do get shored up from time to time.

Each character just keeps bringing more and more diverse answers. Combos still continue to be discovered, breaking new frontiers.

I think it is worth playing but casually. I like getting new players, however, the meta has been basically the same the past couple months so that has gotten stale. It’s always a variation of Marcus, Cross, Lwa, Altera, and take your pick. With the new addition of Aurora, I think the meta will be the same for the foreseeable future since she works with Marcus. I’ve stopped trying to play to get the best team and rather look for fun combinations instead. I will also say the company has done a good job of updating old characters to make them relevant again. They updated Ronin recently who we know is old as F but you can use him again.

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