10 points that will improve the game

I am a huge fan of the game and his dynamic but some things need to be improved…
Some of the changes that I propose was already talk by other players, others are news. But before creating new modules I think that are many things that needs to fix or improve in the game.

  1. Database - The database needs to be cleaned. They are many accounts that are not use for more than 1 year and many alliances that have less than 5 members and are all away for more than 1 year. This will help the crashes that sometimes happen. Will not solve but help….

  2. Security - When nowadays security and privacy is so important makes no sense that the player don’t have an option to delete his account (I talk in my case create some accounts in the past that don’t use anymore) or even to delete the way he his connect. Imagine that I stop use a google account or was hacked or something I can’t do anything about it. This is something that really needs to be fix.

  3. Skins - Now that was created the mythical skins and there are the legendary skins ( you can buy them with nanodust) for me don’t make sense that we can’t by the rare skins also. Why I can’t by them with nanodust? Ok perhaps what goes out in the last 3 months make sense that I can’t but all the others, why not? There are rare skins that are very hold and you can’t have them. Skin crate is not the solution.
    Note: Galahad, Centurion, Champion and Parole skins are not identify as plus skins.

  4. Chats - About the chats in the game, I know that many players will not like what I will say now, they are bad 90% of the time.
    War chat don’t make many senses. Conversation about war is zero, only is used to alliance attack each other and say bad things one another.
    Global chat only has 3 or 4 messages at each time and that disappear in some hours. Seems that exist only because exist a vip chat.
    VIP chat most of the time don’t have any useful conversation or then is to some kids (and I am talking about mentality not age) insult other members. VIP chat to continue to exist needs to have a moderator. Sincerely many times is depressing to see the conversations in there.
    Alliance chat, strategy chat and officers chat are the only that in my opinion make some sense and are good. But I will like that exist an option to delete or edit the message.

  5. Daily Quest - Need to change at least 2 times per year to don’t be so boring and tiring to do. Achievements needs to be replaced for Week Quest and Monthly Quest as many members suggest already. Of course, that the prizes change accord with the difficulties of the task.
    Me, at lvl96, only have 2 achievements to do, lvl100 players don’t have any achievements.
    Jado do a post about this that was a excellent idea.

  6. Campaigns - Everybody is waiting and begging for a new District in the campaigns and unlock 1 more district in extreme.

  7. PVP and CO-OP PVP - Needs to have one new bracket (1.5m-2m) at least. Don’t make sense and is not fair have player with 1.5m in the same rank as a member with the double of his power. Is insane.
    I love CO-OP PVP and will like that will be 3 days instead of 2 (is possible to do it).
    Other think I would like to see an Alliance Event based on Brawl or the CO-OP PVP. Never understand why the alliance ranks exist if there no event, don’t make sense.

  8. Events - I think that simulators can happen more times (perhaps each 2 months), with better prizes, not like last simulator. Since I am fan of Scavenger Hunt would like to see it 4 times per year instead of 3.

  9. Gauntlet – Needs a new bracket (1.5m-2m).

  10. Raids and CO-OP Raids - Needs to be created a level 95 at least. Now is so easy and boring that many players do it in automatic.

I do a separated post about alliances, alliance events and war.
Deca this game is amazing and have a huge potential to be one of the best ever but something needs to be done to captivate the gamers to stay and not live as I see so many go away in this last months and bring new members.
The best publicity is what your gamers give if they are not pleased with the game for sure that they will not bring more players.

With these changes the game will improve a lot and is not necessary to create nothing new.
This is only my opinion…
Thanks, good luck with this new adventure…


When you get to end game there’s not a lot to do rubying characters is strenuous and people have gotten tired of the repetition and stopped playingso vip is now full of lower level accounts instead of the people who are maxed changing ruby skills and ease of upgrading will bring people back and vip will be better. I’m all for a new simulator or urgent mission every update I really enjoyed all the urgent missions as they gave some new story doing the same events without new story is getting redundant. War could go to 5 1v1 alliance battles over 3 days each with no war chat till final day and no identifiers for each other. Then final war same as current. The small wars can give war token rewards to make final battle against 5 alliances more interesting. Most wars are just about the start and who you ally with. War chat does get toxic a lot. But I haven’t participated in war for over a year now. And I play alt at level 70 plat because pvp is more fun there than ruby.


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