Bounty now 2 days?

I don’t recall seeing in the June updates that Theo bounty was losing a day? First you take away the time per fight. Now take away a day? Why not just take it away periodimage

Last bounty was the first time my alliance took all tier rewards now it will be near impossible to do it

A few of us were just talking about that in VIP. I like the idea of it only being two days. Bounty takes an awful lot of time. But what I don’t like is the milestones point total did not change. By taking one day away, you are going to get 1/3 less than what you normally get. Reaching the higher milestones is going to be even more difficult.

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I agree. If you’re going to shortern it atleast shorten milestones as well. Near impossible to get 300000 points when bounties are in short supply as well

Its father’s day weekend they telling everyone to pit the game down and go spend time with real family

I personally have no problem with this. I like the shortened event. Plus with summer coming I won’t be playing many bounties.

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Me neither i have 3 sons not in scholl and a wife wanting to go to the mountains lol

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I highly doubt Father’s Day is the reason lol. The less time people play the less money they make.

But there are 10 possible heroes you can use in the bounty this time vs the 8 from last, and the 6-8 that are normally usable.

I would be fine with them reducing the bounty to two days if we get two factions and 10-12 heroes usable in each bounty. Will still be harder to reach the top milestone, but not impossible.

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If they shorten the even, then they MUST do something about the milestones as well


I did not notice bounty shortening until I saw this post. If this is not just a display mistake with the event than I love this change. I have been asking for bounty to be less intense for over a year now.

You will now have to grind harder if you want to get the same rewards but it will be over in 2 days. Only adjustment I feel could make it even better is breaking up reward tiers a bit more. Top tiers have very wide gap between them.


Maybe a Dev could confirm whether or not this is a mistake or they did make a change without letting us know. Also there thoughts on how the milestones did not change.

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You’re right! Bounty should go for 3 days. This was an oversight on our part, and is being corrected. Bounty will go until Monday so you will have the whole weekend to do it. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

Though there’s interesting points brought up with this post. What are your feelings with bounties? Would you rather they go shorter? Longer? What makes them worth it for you?

I prefer shorter bounty period with shorter milestone rewards with equal proportion.

Shorter bounties. They simply take way too long and honestly, have just become a farm fest. A different mode would be nice. But bounties are so bad that my alliance doesn’t even care about farming points in them any more. We would rather spend time with our families.

Edit: By “bad,” I mean having to log in every 3 hrs to use attacks, which forces any individual who wants to be competitive to be on their phone for the majority of the waking hours during every other weekend. I know it’s not a “must” to play, but the bounty event doesn’t even reward the same way like traditional PVP would by playing the same length of time. I liked the option to do a PVP tournament during bounties, that was fun.

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Bounties have always been my favorite part of the game. Only thing I can say is maybe change the rewards up a bit. Been the same for awhile now

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Shorter with better rewards, of course…

Gold reward will be great…


Thank you for getting back to us in this.

Shorter bty would be nice. If rewards can include MK I to V would be awesome :slight_smile:

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Two and a half days, with a better ranking reward from 6 to 25, like 5 to 10, 10 to 15 and 15 to 25. Including mk5 would be good because too long to recover, thanks in advance

1st time poster here

Guys, please dont ask for changes on features that isnt broken,
I would love it to be 2 days but havent you guys learned anything?
When was the changes that really gave a positive change?

  1. We ask for more ways to earn bucks, and incremental gold/bucks on skills and exchanges, they gave us an update that needs more gold base cost

  2. We ask for better rewards on war like the season1 reward because its a 6day event,
    They just decreased it to 5 days which will lessen 1 day of potential alliance gem earnings

  3. More gauntlet sectors, they gave us a very difficult gauntlet which MOSTLY in favor of vip10
    And above(more effort than before on non vips and low lvl vip)

So please dont ask for changes because it will not be totally positive