5* Hero Idea: Gauss

“The best shots are the ones you don’t take. I didn’t make that mistake."

Gauss - Destructive Rifle man - Energy - 5 Stars

Originally from The Magistrates, she was treated as an outcast by most of the members. There were only two that she truly liked Dogface and Clyde. Dogface because he was the one who replaced her left arm when she lost it against Kurtz. He created her main weapon the G-34 Gauss Cannon, which was implemented into her replacement arm, about a year after she had her arm replaced she left The Magistrates, to wonder the wastelands.

There in the wastes she contracted an exceedingly deadly disease X-013 had discovered her, and had saved her life, caring for her for about a month. They forged a friendship through Gauss’s knowledge of technology and weapons, soon giving X-013 his destructive weapon capabilities. They soon started travailing together and fighting off Kurtz armies together.

Description: A deadly energy fighter. Her weapon is different from most others, charging instead of firing automatically. For each second she charges her weapon it gains 10% more damage, for a maximum of ten seconds

Faction: The United

Weapon: G-34 Gauss Arm Cannon

Weapon type: Marksman Rifle

Fire rate: 0.75 a second - lowest 0.1 a second

Ammo Capacity: 10 rounds

Reload time: 2.7 seconds

Active Skills:

Bronze- Super Charge - Increases fire rate by 100%, damage by 15%, and Gives infinite ammo for 30 seconds, but takes 25% extra damage

Platinum- Zeus Strike - Calling upon the power of the Zeus Strike Satellite, and releases a massive blast of energy dealing 50,000 damage base. The satellite does have a form of a charge up to 8 seconds, each second increasing damage and velocity by 5%. This charge cannot be interrupted. If the Zeus Satellite successfully defeats an enemy, Gauss reduces her weapon charge time by 5 seconds, and gains 20,000 health

Passive skills:

Silver- Energy Chain- Every time this hero fires their weapon they have a 5% chance to chain their damage to two other enemies. The weapon damage chain only does 25% of the damage. The longer their weapon is charged the higher the chance, with a max of 50%.

Gold- Super Conductor- When taking damage this hero has a 1% chance to taunt all enemy Energy heroes, for 5 seconds. All damage will then be converted into a shield, and gains 750 extra armour for 10 seconds

Creator Notes.

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