5 million points for Division 1?

I have been playing this game for about a month, have spent some money, and have a decent roster. However as many pointed out, the gap from 55 to 60 is large due to the time many people sat at 50 and 55. I am one of the people who didn’t sit at 50 or 55 for very long. Many of my guys are only gold or gold one and one of my event heroes was only silver (sapphyr). I turkey hope their is some form of compensation. I am 20 shards away from unlocking the new hero since I did better in the last pvp event for her; when the level cap was lower. Or at the very least a new pvp event where shards are easier to get for her. Glad the devs are aware and in this discussion. I know my alliance will like to know this.

What’s your in game name? I’d like to ask some questions

True it’s a lot of work and set backs…

Sorry I’ve been traveling and haven’t had time to log in (or play PVP for that matter).

From my perspective, all the points about higher-powered vs lower-powered level 60s or whether they’ve “sat” there or not, is a separate issue entirely. For the people who want to be competitive and go for the top positions, they’ll be playing for max points no matter what.

For others who are happy to make it into division 1, even if it’s rank 10,000, the 5 mil is a huge disincentive. I’m totally fine if I lost matches at lvl 60 to higher-powered teams IF i know that I can still make the tier for the shards. If it’s not even within the realm of possibility, then why bother?

I think there was a reply that talked about buying gold to compete. HH is the first game I’ve ever bought an IAP for (and I’ve played a LOT of games) - I did it because I felt the game was very fair and provides a lot of things to do whether you’re a casual player or one who just plays it all day. But like that commenter said, I don’t like feeling like I’m being nudged to open my wallet.

Thanks @Elu for looking into it - I’ve played all the other games like GOH, MSF and in most cases have just completely skipped PVP where possible or deleted it outright because they’re just ridiculous. Hopefully this doesn’t go down that route.

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Hey Elu, not sure if someone else mentioned this, but wouldn’t a very simple alternative to the one bracket (>lvl60) fits all be to have sub-categories within the team level brackets based on overall squad power, e.g.:
Lvl 60 A = Squad Power in excess/equal to 400k (1st Hurdle = 5m)
Lvl 60 B = Squad Power in excess/equal to 300k (1st Hurdle = 2.5m
Lvl 60 C = Squad Power Below 300k (1st Hurdle = 1.25m)

(and that can be applied to other brackets or just the top bracket to save you guys working too hard :wink:)



This would give underskilling players even more advantages.

Just put the needed points down to 3 million and everyone would be happy.

Maybe it’s an idea to give people still points when they lose, not saying you get a lot of points!

If you give a player who lost points for the units he killed he can still score 5-20k(no event bonus etc just unit power)

This way you’ll be able to compete even when you’re having bad luck, you don’t get the high points when winning a match but still a little compensation for the effort you put into the fight, this can help especially if you lose a fight with 1 hero left.

How do you guys think about this idea?

P.s.(I did great this event btw just trying to help newer guys who just reached 60, don’t want that a 50k can compete with a 500k player)


I agree that 5 mil was way too much! It is ok for it to be a little bit higher but that was outrageous. I mean I have a job and stuff outside of hero hunters. Where I make money to spend on it. Reward tiers above that are can be much higher without hurting those that aren’t the “pros” and punishing them for succeeding.


Finally! Someone pointing out that there’s life outside the game. And that the devs have the ethical/moral responsibility to consider. Haha

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