A Quick Dev Update! Shivs, Hero Bonuses, and more!

In regards to the 5 star shivs: while it makes sense that you want to accommodate new players I think overall it’s a hassle because now everyone (New and old players) have to worry about being unable to get this character in time. I agree when you first start the game getting a 5 star hero is a big deal but back then the only real way to get a 5 star hero was to buy hero crate with gold and get lucky. The way you guys are doing it now is a little unfair to old players. If most of us don’t get the character on time that’s exactly what’s gonna end up happening anyways. If the new players aren’t committed enough to do co op raid everyday to get the 165 frags then they’re gonna end up having to buy from the crate if they don’t make it in time. This apply to everyone but especially new player who are still deciding whether they want to play this game or not. Making it harder to get the characters is not helping. Also, there are other ways to get the frags you need to upgrade your characters to 5 stars (and beyond). For example, joining an alliance (which everyone should be doing when they start off) then you can get the frags from weekly alliance patrol rewards and alliance wars. If your decision was focused primarily on newcomers then make the game more user friendly, not harder. Either that or get rid of the frag limit because I think we can all agree that no one liked the frag limit. If I’m in an alliance and my members ask me to help them for whatever reason I should be rewarded for taking extra time out of my day to help ppl in need. If there’s a limit I don’t see the point of going the extra mile other than just being nice. If the reason for the limit is because ppl were getting the characters too fast then why does that matter? Everyone is gonna get the character eventually. Please reconsider your decision.


PLese do not say the same thing. That has been sad multiple times

Each time I think of quitting one of you Devs come up with a very reasonable post like this one. Damn you all with your logical arguements!
Loving your work. Keep it up HHG!

Hello, I absolutely agree with Elite -Please review your decision and overall approach to this.

You can guess the only heroes i don’t have are all of the hard to acquire ones. Yes all 7 of them the normal rare 7* & the current 5* & 4* heroes. I’m good with that because i have other heroes and i know they are rare.

I also think thats cool to have extra heroes thrown in as special- unique along with the main characters we can acquire its just more to give us to invest more interest in and I’m all for that but when the difficult to acquire basic new heroes who are themselves the spotlight and no real way to acquire them moving forward as the ones already mentioned as unique, special or rare, then I’m facing game issues i never had before.

Mainly because this means the daily tasks will stop for gear equipping/skill points leveling like i am maxed and it totally stops while i still do not have all the heroes available because they are rare to acquire i cant do anything about it.
If the new heroes become just as difficult to acquire then I don’t see none of them coming before an actual rare 7* i have yet to acquire in 600 days. I will now not make daily tasks every day as easily and i know i will miss out.

I enjoy the game so there’s no reason for me to stop playing & growing except for this direction that will stop me as It’s not of my choosing and there would be no resolution to this. By the time there is I’ll likely with others have already left.

i just went over 600 game days , i had to go back & check lol, like many others at my level who still do Not enjoy grinding but Enjoy building heroes- my question is what’s in it for them?

So if this is the direction now, then i already hit my game limit without acquiring all the heroes and knowing this it’s just a matter of time before i will have an about-face turnaround & bad taste immediately all the time every time when i log in for something. That’s not good and that’s what i don’t understand. I didn’t choose this path I’m still actively here. Something should be done to change this new direction.

Devils advocate: Who’s bright idea was this and how did a favorable supporting consensus follow up and say yes that’s a splendid idea old chap? Him, him, him, him > every one points to the new guys.

Have you raised every hero to max and max gear? For me, I try to leave some gear items to equip peeps on a day-to-day basis. As a result, some heroes aren’t at their full potential as much as they can be, but I can always count on the bucks quest completion for equipping a gear piece.

Hi Raz, i assume that was for me.

Good sentiments on that i get you as i do this already for those reasons.
No not all of my heroes are maxed and not 1 has 5 bars so there’s plenty for me to continue to stay on & do still.
Neither one of those things unfortunately like 16/157 MKV gear i have will support the daily tasks requirements respectively as they are hard to acquire gear. Therefore i see completing the daily tasks challenging to do in the future and there’s ways like logging in at certain times to help but really down the road i see after i ruin my low & mid PvP team options i have just to meet the daily tasks because theres no one left or new to promote in skills or gear up to equip is going to be a drag. I see this already.

The bigger picture is similar to running out of QWT - its going to become more of a grind & hassle like I don’t have enough to do daily with a few alliances i have already i don’t need to make time to go back to manual thru Gauntlets like we used to.

As far as pvp sure new opportunities at plat level will be for some heroes in PvP but for many others - not really especially with the matchmaking it’ll be challenging and I’ll still be fighting heroes i still don’t have and that list will grow from the current 7 while i still will miss out on daily resources because I just see the limitations.

Later In due time Add manual Gauntlet to the daily list of things i hit & some things i miss every now & then along with the dailies and the game will have really changed for me in this direction of everything that has changed players routines with the introduced new low game yielding expectations set this year.

New low game expectations - no crack backs - I’m just referring to the new low & decreased frags in coops that are in place that sometimes do not yield the limit of 8 and the too costly QWT just to get daily economy cash & needed daily gems that others have voiced here already as even my guys have to me and now add limited if any new spotlight hero frags in crates. I got zero shivs frags so far. No big deal. As you may be aware others have spent large amounts of gold just to get new hero hopes up but no hero so the wall is already there.

So if this is the new norm of low expectations then everything i mentioned directly applies to me and others starting with daily tasks.If other players have not grown their heroes skills and not maxed them out like many PvP minmaxers theres hope - good news the minmaxers that rule pvp will be fine. I cant say i agree with this direction or the previous unpopular game directions already rolled out this year as the new low set game environment reward expectations, we currently have now remain.

@Yourstruly im with you brother as im 1.13 million power i look foward to buying or grinding the new toons but now its just pushed me to where its not fun any more i have reached my limit to be honest i used to love the game so much i played alot now i just do dalies and chat with a few people and im done i do wish things would change for the better grinding a 5* toon from co ops will take forever and new people that cant hit the daily limit wont get the new toon i just dont see the point honestly

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Thanks KingJames
isn’t that why we did what we did to get here at this level in this fun game - the fun Bounty- PvP events , the daily chats , the grinding , the growing new 5* heroes, trying new team comps, the jokes , the bounty grinding all hands on deck weekend alliance community of 25. So many players have come n gone but the core is still with me and my current 25 is worth it! So better solutions are available to move this game forward for all sides not just for the new users, the seasoned users or the developers . We need better solutions.

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Thx for those Infos.

Some people take this way too serious.
It’s a game which should make fun.
If you think your money is wasted then waste it better somewhere else. If you don’t have fun any more then quit the game.


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