Alliance store items and PvP store characters

I just have a simple question regarding the new alliance store, what are the blue core fragments in store? It says they can be used to assemble a full core for a mech or something? I bought 10 and it didn’t seem to do anything.

Also which is the best character to invest in the PvP store? I invested in Clyde twice and am starting to invest in Fortress, but I hear Gammond is pretty good too.

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Matador is recommended

Those blue items are platinum quality, so my guess is that they are needed for platinum heroes.

For PvP, I’m buying Gammond, Sentry, Matador and Maven. Most people would tell you to buy Mandrake, but I don’t like him that much. Pretty much all PvP heroes are strong in their own ways (Pris is too easy to kill, though, so she can be a bad investment)

But Mandrake gold ability is awesome, don’t underestimate gold Mandrake, he can be real pain in the butt :joy:

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The Core MK I pieces are gear items for Platinum progression. I know that Heckler needs them to rank up Platinum. Not sure what other heroes do.

Do we have a list of gear/plat requirements per hero? (Like in star wars galaxy of heroes?) So we can farm early?