Pvp co-op idea

Co-op 2vs2
6vs6 heroes
Both players pick 3.


Yeah, I’d do it any day!

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How about 5v5?

Jk lol

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Or 5 vsv 5, were 5 players fight 5 others, massive PvP onslaught :drooling_face:


That would be cool aswell

Everyone picks their fav, strongest,best or combination hero and then team on. For 5v5

I can foresee the 5 Mandrakes vs 5 Mandrakes

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would be fun actually. they should give more freedom with the duels. edit stats, levels, skills. The duel system would even be nicer if it was more of a sandbox.

Nice idea.

Probably difficult to execute.

Interest might die after a short while if we get the same exploiters, min-maxxers, underlevelled heroes, and unbalanced team matchups.

Team meta will also probably be the same after a while… 1 Panzer going after the blues. 1 (or 2) Mandrakes whose sole job will be to specifically roll around, 1 (or 2) Flatlines to resurrect fallen heroes, and 1 Caine to buff and debuff.

More importantly, let’s fix basic 1v1 pvp first then talk about 5v5 pvp. Surely the priority has to be delivering 1v1 pvp.

Otherwise 5v5 pvp will invariably be based on a broken and frustrating system - not a good recipe for success.

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I like it a lot, in theory. I have good fun strategizing with my mates for a tough raid.

The technical issues i.e. matching, latency, and crashes/disconnects are going to be difficult though.

I think there will be more variety to matches like this than we are giving credit for. General PvP has similar strategies often, yes, but there are other ways to do it that can win. Adding a 6th character to the mix should increase, not decrease, diversity of strategy.

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Once say you pick mandrake, all other four can’t lol

like a draft. those with lower power would get priority on selecting that character.

Draft was indeed the idea in my head

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