An End-Game Idea: The Mines, The Blacksmith, & The Exalted

So, as the ability to upgrade our heroes to Plat 5 approaches, a lot of people are wondering what will come thereafter?
I know the most common idea is probably Diamond, but I’d like to suggest an idea a little deeper and more involved than that.

Whether or not this takes off, maybe it will spark somebody else’s imagination to birth an idea or to evolve this one, so here goes:

The Mines

The Mines will be a completely separate wave-type game mode that will be unlocked at Player Level 100, and may only be entered by using 10-starred, Platinum-5 heroes (or greater).


The Mines serve two main purposes:

  1. It will be used as a means to obtain items and materials needed to upgrade heroes past Platinum-5.
  2. It will be an alternative method of gameplay when advanced, late-game players have exhausted all other means of play.


The Mines are deadly and treacherous underground regions, home to a faction known as The Nightcrawlers; bloodthirsty creatures, beasts, and brutes that dwell in the absence of light, willing to kill anyone and anything that comes into their territory. Only the most robust heroes will be able to venture into this area and face the dangers that lurk in the darkness of The Mines, to explore it’s undiscovered expanse and potentially life-changing treasures.


The Mines are flooded with members of The Nightcrawlers, and therefore, heroes will be faced with endless waves of battle when venturing into them in search of new discoveries and valuable material.
The deeper into The Mines you go, the more difficult it gets… But you know what they say:

The greater the risk, the greater the reward


Gems [Rare] (used for further upgrading):

  • Emerald
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Diamond
  • Topaz
  • Amber

Ores [Uncommon] (can be sold or exchanged for items by The Blacksmith):

  • Bronze Ore
  • Silver Ore
  • Gold Ore
  • Platinum Ore

The deeper you journey into The Mines and the more waves your team is able to defeat, the greater your chances of bringing back loot will be.

Means of Play

Unlike regular campaign mode, which requires stamina in order to complete missions, and unlike PvP mode, which requires hero lives, this game mode will be more geared toward Alliance Patrols which gives heroes a cooldown after use before they can be used again.

A hero will need 3 hours of recovery time after exploring The Mines before they are able to go back in.

The Blacksmith

The Blacksmith is stationed on the outskirts of The Mines and is used as an exchange depot

  1. Exchange ores obtained in The Mines for items needed to upgrade heroes.
    • Have you gathered some Platinum Ore while venturing into The Mines? The Blacksmith would love to use those! Exchange for some Platinum Throwing Stars.
  2. Exchange unwanted items for cash
    • Do you have hundreds upon hundreds of Bronze Shoulder Pad Fragments? The Blacksmith would love to take those off your hands in exchange for some Bucks!

The Exalted

This is the final and most prestigious/difficult rank to obtain for any hero.
Only heroes that are 10-starred, Platinum-5, and Level 100 can become Exalted.


To Exalt any one of your heroes, requires large amounts of gemstones that can only be acquired through The Mines, and are quite difficult to come across.

Once Exalted, your hero is maxed and is at their fullest potential.


Each hero requires 6 items in order to be eligible for upgrading to the next rank.
At Platinum 5, heroes will need 6 Exalted items which require 20 of each gemstone, along with their respective platinum item, and 5 million bucks to craft.
For example: An Exalted Pistol would require a Platinum Pistol, 20 rubies, 20 diamonds, 20 ambers, 20 emeralds, 20 sapphires, 20 topaz and 5 million bucks to craft.

Keep in mind, this is the finalization of a hero, so it should not be easy, nor inexpensive


The Border of an Exalted hero will appear to have a glowing aura of subtle colors from across the visible light spectrum surrounding it.


Each hero will have an exclusive “Exalted Portrait” that players will unlock once they’ve Exalted a hero to show off that they have maxed them out.

And that is my idea :slight_smile:
I know its a bit to take in, but hopefully you can find the time to read and understand it.
Any feedback is greatly appreciated, especially the negative.


I like the idea, but there are so many more problems to take care off, that it would be a slap in the face for everyone suffering from min maxing and low cash, if the developers use their time for a new game mode, instead of focusing on solving the most important problems.


Can we please leave PvP related comments in the correct topics, same with deethleach attack vip players in a min max topics.

This is to prevent a wall of text nowhere near related to his idea.


I really like the idea, also for a new game mode which is much appreciated.


@Ahora Why are you posting about that here? Your reply is entirely off-topic and should be flagged as such. Happy to hear you’re uninstalling the game since you’re clearly unhappy with it and this way, the forums will be cleaner.

@Poobgloob This idea is awesome. It’s incredibly fleshed out and would serve an amazing purpose both as end-game content and as incentive to push heroes to max rank. I have my doubts though personally that HHG would invest that many resources into a game mode that only a tiny fraction (less than 0.1%) of the game could even access right now.

That being said, this really is a cool idea. You’ve thought of seemingly everything to make it function and I’d love to see something like this in the future despite my cynicism that HHG would actually do it :stuck_out_tongue:


Keep this of out of here…


Amazing idea as per usual, didn’t expect any less out of you.

I can’t speak for others, but I would gladly entertain the idea of new content.

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I like the idea very much, however it sounds like a different kind of game altogether.

Sure, some bits can be sourced from the existing game engine but the devs would have to write a whole lot of new bits, too.

It appears to be quite alot of work just to refine post plat 5 progression, and I am not sure whether the effort would be worth it.

It would be nice if it could be implemented though.


I was actually thinking of something else to manage the resource squeeze… allow trading between players. Not trading heroes (that would just destroy the game) or Gold (that would cut off HHG revenue) but other in game items.

Trading items could include PVP gems, alliance gems, heronium, gold and plat stars (and other promotion gear), QW tickets, stamina and bucks.

Some possible trades could be heronium from a high level player for plat throwing stars, or stamina, or consumables;

Lower level players could offer pvp gems and alliance gems to get heronium to buy elemental frags to add stars to some of their heroes

Players can freely trade plat knives or plat pistols for other plat items and so on.

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You would have to set fixed prices for a market like that. Free trade would kill the game. Otherwise you could just make a farm account and trade easy to get or barely used items against harder to get. Gold chest armour against gold stars for example.
Same hast to be for Heronium and similar. If you could trade freely, you would just give your farmer 100 heronium and get 10 plat throwing stars.

I am not totally against a trade market, but it has to be perfect from the beginning or it kills the game.

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@WalleWu I see you are again thinking about scamming the game! :slight_smile: Just kidding of course. But it is good idea to either set prices or to devise a system (I know not how) if possible to prevent abuse.

[Don’t let me troll you by the way, it is sometimes tempting for me (cos from what I see you might be as straight (from Germany (?)) as they come, and on my side, I confess that I am basically a bad person) :slight_smile: ]

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@Sing The pitfall with cross-account trading in basically every freemium game is that you can create multiple accounts. What would stop me from making 10 low-level accounts and using all of the stamina on gear for my main account?

Other games have handled this by either fixing prices or by intensely limiting how often trading can happen per account. One interesting example is giving “trade tokens” as an in-game reward, which can then be used to trade at a fixed rate with another account. As a whole though, I’ve never been a fan at all of cross-account trading in games like these.

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No worries. If someone trolls me or annoys me, I just stop answering. This is one of the perks of the internet, you can just ignore people :wink:
And yes I am German :de:

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As people have stated, I am personally against trading between accounts. But I did dive into the idea at one point in time…

Instead of trading, making an alliance vault that people within an alliance could add their unused and unwanted upgrade pieces or even quick win tickets. (I have so many, please give me a new way to use them lol) Obviously taking note of how long someone had to be in the alliance for to put in and take out. Also, limiting how many you could receive in an unspecified amount of time, and/or put in equal value items to receive what you are looking for.


@Poobgloob sorry your nice thread got derailed onto the trading topic! Maybe you can develop the trading idea and incorporate it into your suggested rework.

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That’s an awesome idea !

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A way to trade useless stuff for moneys? Count me in.

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I think the easiest option would be to (for lack of a better word) tack on the ability to trade with the blacksmith as a additional option.

Although ideally in my opinion. Instead of trading items, merging/forging lower level items into their greater would be great.

eg; 10 green fuel cells can be merged into 1 bronze fuel cell. Then 10 bronze fuel cells can be merged into 1 silver fuel cell … so and so forth.

This too could be an action that is available at @Poobgloob 's blacksmith.


P.S. @hhg … if you do put this into the game in full or in part, the blacksmiths name better be Poobgloob !


Thank you all for the amazing feedback.

I understand there are more important features of the game that need to be implemented and reworked before something of this magnitude gets introduced, but that is why I suggested it now rather than later, because there is still a lot of time before something of this extent could be introduced. Better to propose different ideas and suggestions beforehand in order to expand the imagination of the developers, rather than to propose an idea too late when one is already solidified and in the works.

Also @vestige, I would not be opposed if they implemented Poobgloob the Blacksmith, LOL.

Cheers to all the feedback-givers.


Because you do not want to put the effort/dedocation into the game to upgrade your heroes to platinum 5 the ones who do shouldn’t be rewarded for doing so?
The “I can’t use it so I don’t want others to have it” argument is always the worst.


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