Armor was overnerfed for larger damage amounts

I really liked that HHG finally tried to address the armor issue for high RoF (rate of fire) heroes. Before October II Update, high RoF heroes could lose over 60% of their damage to even moderate amounts of enemy armor.

Unfortunately they appear to have just flatly nerfed armor instead of rebalancing it so that it’s less punishing on high RoF and more punishing on low RoF.

Before the update someone like my Mauler would lose ~60% of their damage to someone with 3k armor. Meanwhile a low RoF hero like Nightingale would lose ~10% of their damage to a 3k armor hero.

Now I’ve been testing the new mechanics, as of today my Mauler will lose ~35% of their damage to a 3k armor hero (Heimlock), while my Moss lost 0% of their damage to the same target.

This has continued to perpetuate the dominance of low RoF heroes and has had the effect of making tanks even less desirable than ever. What’s the point of tank heroes when their armor literally has no effect against many top-tier heroes?

It’s kinda nuts that HHG continues to be so sloppy on this issue. Even a high complex armor algorithm wouldn’t take more than an hour to properly tweak, but until this gets fixed armor will be borderline useless.

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Seems important even though it has no effect on me

I can’t comment on these changes, as I wasn’t in charge of them. I will reiterate that, as always, anything that seems simple, isn’t. I’ll let the people in charge of these changes know that you’re not thrilled about them, but I can’t promise you, or any player, that you’ll always get exactly what you’re looking for.



Solid response, hopefully with follow up eventually though.

Anyone who assumes a problem like this can be fixed in 1hour has clearly never programmed anything. And doing quick fix like that would inevitably create another imbalance elsewhere which would be pointed out super fast, probably by you too.

I, for one, like the armor modification as it has given high-rof heroes a chance at being useful. Is it the best solution that could be implemented ? probably not, but at least it increased the pool of playable heroes for me.


I actually have written armor code for another game that is a lot more complex than Hero Hunters

HHG has improved the “ceiling” on armor mitigation but they apparently never figured out how to give armor a proper floor either. I would need an hour at most do it properly after familiarizing myself with their code but I could throw together a simple bandaid even faster that would still be better than the current system.

Simple Damage Floor:

if(raw_dmg > armor_total * 2)
damage_taken = raw_dmg - (armor_total * 0.3)
[HHG armor formula]

Bada-bing you’ve got a simple flat damage floor that at least makes armor mean SOMETHING instead of tanks basically being naked once they got shot for more than 10,000 damage.

A better, more comprehensive solution would be to utilize armor as a ratio of power and use that as a percentage mitigation floor.

Improved Armor Formula:

if(raw_dmg > armor_total * 1.5)
damage_taken = raw_dmg * (armor_total/hero_power_from_stats * 0.4)
[HHG armor formula]

That would give heroes a mitigation floor of ~10% for squishier heros to ~25% for tanks, a perfectly reasonable figure that would ensure armor remains relevant at higher damage figures. It doesn’t account for elemental v. normal but the underlying principle would not be hard to apply for armor subtypes.

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