What Do You Think This Game Needs In Regards To Heroes?

To clarify, this thread is not to talk about what new heroes you want to see in the game, at least not that exclusively. I’m creating this to talk about how the game can be made through its heroes. To start it off, these two things I wanted to discuss. First, Balancing Fischer. He is a great idea on paper, one that I honestly love, since the Shoremen are my favorite faction, but he is terribly done. His abilities have so much potential, but they fall short of their mark. His grapple dash does sub par damage unless his ability procs, which does not even proc according to it’s description, since it’s supposed to damage an enemy for 25% of their REMAINING health, therefore NOT kill someone. His Tether Trap is especially pitiful compared to Odachi’s Caltrops, a somewhat similar ability that is much more powerful. Instead of lasting as long as the enemy is in the area, which can be easily ended early once an enemy triggers it, the trap should last 20 seconds once triggered and any enemy that enters the area is effected by it. This would make it substantially more useful. As for his gold, the invisibility should last for 5 seconds to allow him to make use of that extra chem damage, which should be raised quite a bit.
The second is the lack of an easily accessible bio chem healer. This is a struggle I’ve had ever since I’ve gotten the game, especially with the bio chem daily raid. The only healer available through pvp or hard mode is Mandrake, which is not considered an actual healer. Moss or Heimlock would be a good replacement for one of the other heroes in hard mode or pvp store, since mech has Matador and Keel, as well as Hardscope to a certain extent, while energy has Nightingale, Gammond, Butter, and Vanguard. This is a hole for bio chem that needs to be filled, as the only available healers are locked behind the pure chance of the hero crate.
As for any other ideas that people have, please, post it here, and hopefully we can all work to make this game better for everyone.

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Phoenix is bad.
I prefer almost any 3* over her and she’s a 5*. Her Bronze must stop hurting her, her Silver must be more powerful and her Gold must be useful and cool. I made a suggestion in another thread about this:
when Phoenix is shot down to zero health she should ascend to the sky and come crashing down on the battlefield in an explosion causing stun + burn on all enemies, then she can start fighting again at 50% health.

I’d also love that Oro would explode like a nuclear plant if an enemy makes an “overkill” on him, like performing a 25K damage attack when he’s down at 1000 health points. He’d still die, and you’d still lose, but it would be cool to see him blow absolutely up.

The Devs keep saying that balancing heroes takes time and is a hard process… But they keep adding new heroes to the mix making the process even harder. It’s a bit odd that Cinder was released while people are still complaining to this day about the Halo + Baron meta, she’s got the same mechanic and she’s only going to compound the issue even further.

Getting a new Hero used to be an exciting process, but now it’s becoming more of a chore and a gimmick. What happened to Callidus? Does anyone play with Fischer at high level? Who puts Kunoichi in their team other than Henry? Caine seems really good, but I’ve no clue what to expect anymore, hero values are all over the place.

It would be nice if we stopped getting new heroes for a bit, and have a few balancing release. I was told that there was going to be a revision and a revisit on all of the heroes, specifically the ones that spawn copies or drones, yet three releases later there’s been no change to most of these discarded heroes.

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I understand HHG has to make money off this game and it seems they’ve latched onto the idea of releasing 2 heroes a month and then centering events around them and including special crates to boost the heroes. It’s no great secret that seems to be the philosophy at this point and frankly I’m okay with that. They need money to continue development so we all have a great game to play.

My main gripe is with the absurd amount of heroes that just aren’t good and some of these monthly heroes are just terrible. I know HHG plays their own game so I’m sure they are very aware of which heroes are lacking and which ones need a complete rework. My question I would pose is why we aren’t seeing more sweeping changes with each patch? Why should I spend my money and time developing these heroes when the vast majority haven’t been revisited or shown any sort of love since official release. When there should be sweeping changes with multiple characters each update to keep them involved with the current state of the meta.

It does take time to balance heroes out though because of a lot of hidden factors besides the explicit change to a hero. Changing one ability could impact the performance of another hero altogether or could completely put a hero into a different role. Doesn’t matter what the change, they are always going to get criticism for either doing to much or too little.

I think it really comes down to two factors as to why the most popular heroes are that popular. Its either extremely easy to farm shards to make them stronger, or they have a specific ability(s) that is just a lot better then another that has a similar function… The most played heroes since the april update have been Mandrake, Gammond, Razorback, Dogface, and Heimlock in that order. 2 of those 5 have no limit of the amount of shards you can get per day AND they have very good team skills when it comes to pvp. Dogface may be the easiest hero to farm because you can get an easy 20 shards a day at Vip 1. The remaining two have arguably the best skills sets for their roll.
When we get these new heroes we get a decent amount of shards to level them up, probably to get them to at least 4* maybe 5* but compared to heroes that most players have farmed up to 7 or 8 stars I’d almost always pick the higher stared character. If you had a 9* kunoichi and a 7* dogface I’m pretty sure most people would pick the higher star to run.

There is some re balancing issues that should be addressed and changed and they have been brought up in the forums but there is always going to be heroes that are strong and some that are weak. That part in the middle is for heroes that are unique. Special combos and specific heroes that someone worked on will be there. In the entirety of the April patch, there was only 8 heroes that were not seen in a top 50 team in any tournament (Going off the players most played team.) Most heroes are used, but they are used along side 2-3 heroes that almost everyone else uses and that’s how most games are.

To stay on topic at least, Vanguard feels like a character that is just on the edge of being a great hero. High damage mitigation with huge shields for allies sound strong, but no one ever focuses him in a fight because his damage output is so poor. I think if his silver also included a taunt, it would solve this problem. Boosting his armor and damage reduction is pointless if no one focuses him so a taunt would force the enemy fire on him.

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You guys have some great ideas, honestly, and I hope the devs take some of what everyone is saying to heart. The thing I love most about this game is that almost every hero is a viable option to make a great team, but not every single hero is viable for that. Heroes like Vanguard, Phoenix, Fischer, and Castellan are all interesting to me, but their shortcomings prevent me from making a competitive team with them. I know balancing can be a tricky and controversial issue, as shown by the latest nerf of Gammond, but I believe the devs will get it right in the end.

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