The 8 frag cap on co-ops

So the only way I can get the new hero that’s needed for bounty is spending 50$? This is the second month in a row i will not be able to contribute much to one of the bounties and I’m not able to help with the frag blitz… but i guess this is how it is now? I’ll need to spend 50$ to just obtain one hero every month, and I’d still be playing as a freemium player except I’d have a hero a week earlier. Can’t y’all make it cheaper? Something more reasonable like 10$? This sucks :frowning:


There is ASTRIX PvP crate for you . Grab it :+1::+1:

When they go from a 300 gold piggy bank for 3.99 to a 600 gold piggy bank for 11.99 I highly doubt they’ll make things cheaper

You have to look at the big picture - yea it’s obvious that the devs planned it this way for reasons… BUT, if you get 8 frags a day starting on day 1, you’ll have astrix (or whomever) unlocked on Sat, the 2nd day of the bounty. The time between the start of the bounty and the Sat co-op reset is only 12 hrs.

Tl;Dr - Get 8 frags a day, and you’d only be w/o the new hero for 12 hrs. Unless you’re in a top 5 alliance, being w/o the new hero for 12 hrs won’t make much of a difference, especially if you have others in your alliance that can take care of bounty enemies that req. the new hero anyway.

Not a big deal.


Trading coop and helping other was more active in the game. Made the game more enjoyable. I was playing and in the same time I was looking to help others to do coop. Was nice gave me more to do in the game. More of a fight on who you would help on vip chat or global chat with coop as many others were there waiting to do that. I saw it as a bit more competition in that sense. 8 frag cap has made that completely off and if I am honest the weaker players that actually need it help for real now I am sure is more difficult for them to find someone and get their coop done. Is a lost interest in that sense.

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Same feeling. I used to get help in coop from much stronger players in my early days, and later I was potent enough to help other players who started investing in the game late.

But now the 8 frag coop limit has taken all the fun of the people who wants to help and the people who need their help. Will forever miss those day when I was the carrier of the weak.

At the same time its understandable how this limit can stop those who boost their main with alts, but its not understandable when it involves in actual carrying.

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