Bounty once a month!

I’ve been playing this game coming up to a year in February and one of the more popular features of the game is the bounty event. If have played it twice a month every month without fail since playing however the longer I play the game the more I, aswell as many people I’ve met in the game have agreed that making bounty a once a month event with bigger rewards would be much more beneficial for everyone. Bounty takes up a huge amount of time during the weekends and doing it twice per month is a lot and most players often struggle to do well or are reluctant to do so due to it getting a bit tedious. In my opinion it would make the event much more exciting and put the fun back into bounty hunting. I hope many others will agree with this and that my request is considered by the devs.


Nope I don’t agree.

Bounty weekends are a huge activity driver for the game, thousands of players are involved.

If you reduce it to once a month, a player who misses out on one weekend misses out on the event that month.

Once you miss one with that long a gap, maybe it is easier to miss the next, and the next.


I actually think twice a month is fair and I like it that way. Once a month would be hard because there is just to many variables for players. I do agree that the bounty rewards need to be better. Having two bounties every other weekend works for me. I do well but I don’t have to dedicate the entire weekend to it.

Only thing I agree on is to get the rewards up, not just the rank but a small increase on everything.

It’s annoying to see people gloat about not doing bounty and play PvP, we put in a lot of work, it should be better then not doing bounty at all.

Bounty rewards should be the main focus for every alliance, a better reward will push everyone to play more.

If they were going to reduce it down to once a month it would probably be extended to longer then the weekend, which is a no go for me.

I say probably because the only way it would be worth while is if the rewards paid out were at least as much as playing bounty 2 times. There’s no way they would still keep a three day tournament that gave rewards out for 6 days of playing.Also with the addition of faction months, a once of month event would heavily favor who ever was able to get the new bonus hero first. At least know we might get some variation in the leader board between weeks (not really top 10 but still) and people might have time to upgrade those heroes to high grades in that two week span.

And similar to what @Sing said too, if you unfortunately have to miss that weekend then you have to wait an entire month to play the event again. Even thought the rewards dont seem the best, some rewards is better then none.

We take bounty’s off sometimes. Especially on holidays. This way we don’t burn ourselves out.

Just to add to the point, even though I think that a fortnightly bounty event is just right, I personally wouldn’t mind it being shortened to 48 hours instead of 72 hours. It would definitely, IMO, increase the overall intensity of activity during bounty weekend because the window to chase top prizes is smaller.

And as a side benefit cutting out 1 bounty day would free up 2 days a month for (a) another event or (b) a rest day, both of which would be welcome. I felt that the PVP faction brawl, coming right after bounty, is kinda overmuch.

And I also agree that bounty rewards perhaps need more stratification. The reward difference between top 50 and top 100 is laughable, yet there is a great gulf in terms of time and effort.

And the teams that fall outside of top 100, really with the rewards that are being put on offer (10 elemental frags each, really??)… there is hardly any incentive to play this 3-day weekend event.

Bounty needs a bit of tweaking, so hopefully the above points can be noted and implemented.

Instead of giving 3 lives to every hero and having them regenerate, I would rather see something like 10-15 lives given and you use 1 each time you use a hero. That way there might be some strategy to how they are used while also not taking over a half hour to burn through them all when all your heroes are full hearts (and that’s just how long it takes for the A and B teams, not mentioning anything after…).

So for instance with the last event, maybe instead of using Kobold people could have ignored her and used all their hearts for the rest of the energy People’s Guard heroes. Or maybe some would max out Kobold’s stars and bars and use most of the hearts on her and run her x3 with 3 other heroes each time. There might actually be some strategy and variation that way, and it wouldn’t necessarily require you to level certain heroes up you aren’t interested in just to be competitive.

And they do not regenerate at all?

No, they would still regenerate. Bounties hp would need to be lowered to compensate for having less hearts to use.

Would be interesting, but it would favour those with high power heroes even more, since you can not compensate with playing more.

After reading all of your thoughts I do agree with the majority that even just increasing the rewards or shortening it to 48 hours would be good enough but something needs to be done to motivate players a bit more that and maybe once a month isn’t quite for everyone :slight_smile:

Monday is really a tough day for europeans, since it ends on 8pm. so you lose about 3 resets because of work. And to go out on a Friday night is not that uncommon, it makes you often lose a few hours there too.

In a three day event timezone can really make a difference.

I believe the event is set on 3 days exactly to make it fair to everyone.

This way everyone gets 2 full week-end days + whatever they can of the before/after.

Coordinating something across timezones in a fair manner is hard.

The unfortunate side-effect is that unfortunately if you can’t play in the last few hours you have to build a sufficient advance in order to keep your rank.

Whereas if you can play up until the last minute, you play catch-up. And you have a known goal when rising through the rank

It’s also why it makes sense to have an alliance that doesn’t especially cater to a specific geography region

A few thoughts about the other things expressed in this thread :

*Bounty once-a-month : While i would appreciate the rest period, this could really be an off-switch for many players. If you miss the event, the 1 month catch-up period is way too long and impactful.

  • higher rewards for higher rank : i agree rewards are somewhat of a letdown. But at the same time, you can’t go overboard too much because it would increase the gap too much between high-ranker and mid-low ranker.

  • rewards : i would personnally remove skill points from the reward. In all honesty, when are you ever really strapped for skill points ? We need so many bucks to actually skill our heroes and little availability of buck income. So either give out much more bucks, cause everyone has a shortage of it, or anything else really. stamina, bounty stamina, frags.

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