Ok now this is just ridiculous

I’m in an alliance that’s top 10 on bounty right now and usually we rank 5-6th, and if we have 10-15 shiv bounties blocking us from scoring points then I really feel sorry for those alliances that have no shivs. I’ve spent all my revives on only shiv so far and I still can’t put a dent in them. I remember there was a similar problem when brogan was released since no one had him, but at least there were min bounties available to make the blockage of bounties no one can hunt less than half of what it is now. Don’t get me wrong I’m tired of every hero being 3star and am glad they changed it up, but this is just a clusterf$&@. There’s literally 14 shiv bounties that no one could hunt when I started this thread. Makes it very difficult to compete with the high spenders


But not all the high spender have her still i know i dont and for the reason of me blowing 9k of gold im done spending from now on thats just stupid to drop $200 on wanting to get a charter and not getting them so now im in no alliance and just done with the way things are going its just killing the vipe any more for me to ENJOY the game any more like i use to


That is pretty annoying. It’s a way to incentivise those paying for the monthly character. It would be nice though if we could trade bucks for some of those locked bounties so we can clear them out, like how we spend to summon them


Free player here. I had Shiv at 8 stars before bounty with only spending some free gold. We didn’t have much trouble at all clearing the Shiv bounties. Next round will be more fun when She’s at 10 stars!

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