Bounty marks

I was talking to someone in my alliance about bounty and they had an idea about a system to mark bounty’s, the idea is that if ur trying to keep bounty’s up to get a better ratio of that type u can mark don’t attack, or on the other side if one bounty is about to expire then you can mark it top priority, it’s not fully developed but it’s interesting. (Credit HexDad)

I just wish they would tweak the spawn rates and adjust them to the featured faction. For instance this month we have 5 mech heroes, 3 energy, and only 1 bio. Instead of making the spawn rate 33% for each elemental type maybe make energy 40%, bio 35%, and mech 25%. This way you don’t have a HUGE pile up of one type of elemental bounty.

I also would love some way to tag a bounty you are about to hit so you don’t have to try and call them out in clunky chat, otherwise risk overlapping damage. That’s a whole nother story though and something people have been asking for forever.

We do adjust the pools when needed, if a Faction favors one element over another. The problem, as we’ve frequently discussed, is a combination of perception and probability.

Say you have an all Mech faction. Say we make it so most targets are Energy, and only 1% or so are Mech or Bio.

Your team will absolutely destroy all the Energy targets. When you come back, you’re going to see the Mech or Bio targets that were left behind because they require more effort.

This means there are “only ever Mech or Bio targets, we NEVER get Energy, the balance is off.”

That covers perception. Now, probability. If there’s a 5% chance to see a particular result, you may not see it in 1000 tries. You’re not guaranteed to see it after 20. That means that while we might weight target pools occasionally to work better with the current faction, your mileage may vary. That feeds back into perception, where “there are NO ENERGY TARGETS EVER” and perpetuates the idea that the universe is against you.

It’s not! Probability is what it is. We could make Energy targets spawn 99% of the time, and it’s still statistically possible to see none, ever. That’s how probability works, unfortunately.

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Yeah I’ve been struggling to spawn mech for irezumi who is in both bounties as the month events calendar suggests. You may not want to spawn mech but I sure do. Also don’t be afraid to cross the elemental streams I don’t mind using Alcatraz to fight mech bounties.

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