☕ bounty event dec 2020

Hello! :fist_right::fist_left: I want to advise for those who do not know yet. OBREZ is much weaker than Alcatraz’s platinum skill.

Read the description of his skill. you need a hero who blocks the enemy. A guy with glasses, with a donut on his back is perfect. :ok_hand:
(there is an alternative: Keel)

You also need a hero with very intense shots, a large clip and fast reloading. a robot with a squid on its face is ideal. :ok_hand:
(there is an alternative: Matador, Baron, Steel, Marianas)

I will not write all the alternatives. I’m lazy.:smiling_face:
if it’s not difficult for you, write your options in the comments. it will be interesting for me to read. maybe I will learn something new for myself.:sunglasses:

:point_down:for clarity, I made a video.:point_down:


I’m just too lazy to play this event. and I always use bonus heroes on cooldown. I have a lot of blue lightning. and try to end on the first wave. therefore, I choose the composition of heroes that allows you to win on the first wave. with the minimum cost of blue lightning… :ok_hand:

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If you use mk2, surge and alcatraz only you could eliminate ANY bounty with ease in the first wave, a maxed out mk2 and alcatraz when boosted can easily do 150m damage in one run

all damage comes from Alcatraz. I played green MK2 on another account. the effect is the same.

the most important thing is the rate of fire of the weapon. :ok_hand:

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Exactly, that is why he is better at it than matador, if i’m not mistaken he has double the fire rate

MVP post for this bounty! Much appreciated just wish I would of seen this sooner.

Seems Surge is the best rooter for this composition, but other rooters include keel, briar and chesterfield.

I posted a similar video on my YouTube channel. when Alcatraz was the new hero.

I would say, after Surge one good option for Rooting the Bounties is Razorback . I use him with Marlowe just to make sure the Bounty is rooted at all time. I found Briar and Chesterfield less reliable options for Rooting the Bounty.

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