Bounty improvement

Hi guys I downloaded this game to earn currency in another game…I’ve barely touched that game now! I have played many games with a bounty system and each one has varying level of drops for things like finding bounty/or first hit 2) MVP of the full bounty should get a drop 3) finishing bounty or just random drops for every hit. The bounties are a lot of fun but I feel I personally would stay more engaged if there were small incentive cash gear fragments whatever! Thanks for letting me have my say!


I like this. It is sort of a solo incentive for players, and encourage a participation outside of just the milestones.

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This is so true. The milestones reward should also be improved. It doesnt feel like a milestone if it gives you 5 skill points that renews every 3 minutes. What a LOL

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Another thing that I think is needed currently is to not have 2 new/recently introduced characters at the same time for Bounty Requirements. I am beginning to notice quite a bit of frustration over chats due to this because of players having not been able to unlock them. And it’s either because the cannot compete in PVP, or the still haven’t enough fragments for the featured character out of the raid.

If we could at least have one “new” character, and one of the launch characters mixed in together, at least those players won’t feel left out, and would provide more competition and participation for the ranks rewards.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone! Going back and making improvements to Bounties is pretty high on our list. Hopefully we’ll be able to integrate some of the ideas here.


Yeahh. That system alienates a lot of people, especially the new ones. I think since the blitz is a guild wide activity, they should do away with the exclusive packages. It really kills the interests of new players and casual guilds

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