Bounty improvements

Bounty improvements.

Just some ideals to make bounty better for everyone!

  1. The cost to summon bounties is far to high especially for those who don’t have VIP privileges.
    If you could bring the cost down or at the very least make the initial price of summoning ($30,000) be extended to a higher limit. Every bounty I get to $90,000 per bounty very quickly and I think that is a little ridiculous for 11 bounties to cost almost $1,000,000.

  2. It would be fantastic if each bounty could somehow be tagged with the name of the summoner.

  3. A list as to how much each person has spent in $ summoning bounties this could help offset the need to lower prices if we could clearly see who is not spending on summoning bounties.

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I think that they are aware of how expensive is to summon. Lot of people sent them tickets about that.
Totally agree abt 2.
3. Isn’t that needed you will simply see how much someone summons by his damage.


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