Summon bounty

Can I just make a suggestion to add a confirmation to the summon bounty button? I am not exactly loaded with money right now to where I can just let that 30k go without caring. I somehow manage to accidentally pressed it sometimes and I doubt I’m the only one.


If you summon more it will cost you 90k at some point

Not a surprise…I just need to know if I can expect a confirmation before summoning in a future update maybe? I see no reason why it shouldn’t be a thing as it’s not like people are in a rush to rapidly summon bounties.

Speak for yerself lad, I spent 200k on summons.

It wouldn’t be a hardship for me to tap twice to summon a bounty. Confirmation would be totally acceptable.

Funny yosai I see you in global all the time and all you ever say is oof!

And we have one vote Yes :+1:

You have been blessed by me then, You will now smile the next day for no reason : )

I have never pressed it by accident…

It is taking so much time to spawn new bountys already, if you had to confirm it it would take forever.

  • I usually spend like 500k each day to summon bounties

Would it really take that much longer to have a confirmation for those who accidentally hit it tho?

A confirmation button would kinda annoying to be honest. When we summon bounties, we usually do a bunch at a time to fill the queue. Hitting a confirmation each time would get old really fast. That’d be a big annoyance just to avoid someone carelessly hitting the button once in a blue moon (just be more careful…?)


I agree as im in a top 10 team and we spend alot i say no to that idea

Yeah, I spend million maybe a day on bounties.

I went in 10 mil, had 80k in the end

No everyone has that kinda money you know…

Neither have I now, and I saved it for the bounty.

If there’s one thing to address it’s the bounty spawn cost

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