Summon prices need to make sense

Can we get 3 different prices for summons:

Basic random 30k
Bounty specific for current bounty that would be energy heros 40-60k
Bounty bonus hero’s 60-100k

Instead of this random constantly going up price with no rhyme or reason.

I mean come on guys give us a bone here, we all enjoy the game but sometimes it feels like we are being cheated out of our extremely difficult hard to get cash. Cash is more rare than gold at this point.

I’ve used 15M on bounty and I’m only at day 2 of bounty.


This actually would be a great change to the summons

I find this bad cause the powerfull alliances well pay a tons of buck to summons what theumy desire and leaderboard score will double up !!!

I agree with reducing the summon price (while still having a gradual increase) as bounties go much faster now. But being able to pick and choose bounties would give insane advantages for those with the bucks to spend.

No one would choose to spend on a basic summon versus a bonus summon.

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