Bounty thought

Why not make bounty a ONE MAN ONE BOUNTY, only the player that first hit it can finish it, and if that bounty escaped, the damaged points will not be added to his points. In that way, a player has no choice but to finish his bounties off before it escape. Just my two cents.

So many great ideas…

IMO, we also need to change the place/ district in bounty… It’s been months we face the same maps again and again…

Because its a group effort. And it would make it hard since there can be only 20 bounties at a time, this would bring more bad than good

We can also add another token.

If we already have Bounty Token, which obviously is given to generally into one alliance, then add Bounty Emblem. This is like a token but can only given to those who have killed the bounty only. Bounty Emblems can be exchanged to any crate tokens, or gems but in a specific equivalence. In this way, people will absolutely do their best to kill the bounty. Some might even get hyped to get the last kill. but who knows. In this also, you can help those who needs crate token or gems by simply let them finish it off. So there is still a teamwork. :slight_smile:

The image of the Bounty Emblem can be the red-colored Bounty Token. Simple as that. :slight_smile:

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I hope devs are reading this, ideas here are getting better and better

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Yeah… Just let those crazy ideas loose here in the forum… who knows, part of our ideas is the missing link to have a better experience… hehehe

The only thing we wouldn’t want to run into with having specific rewards for killing a bounty is a situation opposite of the current “hey! Finish your Kill” turning into “hey! That was my Kill!”. Clearly, the alliances could and should police behaviors like that, as we already (all be it mildly) address teammates spamming attacks across multiple targets, we would address stealing kills as well. But, why create that situation in the first place. Bounty needs much refreshing in many ways…same ole maps, same ole rewards, I get it. Lots of great ideas above and I like all of them except having a specific reward for killing a bounty…it just invites infighting and drama. The real focus of my first response to this post was simply that damage done means nothing without knowing how many skulls that player also took. I’d like to know that the player that did 2 billion damage also took only half as many skulls as this other player that only did 1 billion damage. THAT would tell me who the real star of the two was.


I love the concept of showing tokens AND damage earned. And I’d like to see individual rankings/rewards on top of that. Add some incentive to bounty. It’s a lot of work for the rewards, BUT a lot of fun competing.


There’s already similar situation with poaching bounties, alliances need to control their members and i think that added reward for defeating a bounty would make people contribute more

Dang didnt think all these great ideas would come of this… I really hope the devs are looking and taking notes to implement some of these great ideas

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The other reason why there should be an added reward for killing the bounty is that there are some members who just want to get higher damage yet the tokens become wasted as they wont finish off the bounty after it has escaped. It will become a loss to the alliance or someone who has contributed some damage… so its best to reward those who can finish them off even the remaining health is 1k or lesser… at least the blue energy wont be wasted… also this could see if you have a good alliance that can communicate each other…


I totally agree with what you’ve said. Everything is on point. Good job man.

True enough sir. I can’t say I would be unhappy with some individual rewards for bounty performance all said and done. I believe my alliance management would handle the riff raff. So long as whatever changes come includes a skull token tracker.