Petition to revert bounty to what it wasp

At this rate and the way the developers are 'fixing it’s, it is very evident that they are insisting on making changes to bounties in terms of time.

And the reason they are doing this seems to be for their own greed, the aim is for us to gold reset heroes as it feels like it takes 2-3 hits compared to 1 previously. Brogan bounties was obviously greed too.

Leave a like or comment to start this petition. Oh yeah keep comments simple not feedback thread

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You got my signature. A 3x auto button would of fixed speed. This was greed… Nothing more.

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Inb4 the closing.

Making a “petition” won’t get you anywhere. They already stated that they won’t change anything for the current bounty but will take the feedback given for the future bounty. Learn to adapt to the current one and make the best of it.

PS, you do NOT have my signature

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I never said anything about the current one. More like overall they just want you to reset. And the direction they are going with the way they are handling stuff

Horrible change. Take twice as long to kill anything. Idea of making it shorter because it is too long. Actually took twice as long to kill.