Coop frags daily limit

Yesterday I made a trade, won 6 yeager frags. Today went to make my trade too, saw my daily limit was stuck at 2. I made a trade, and then only won 2 frags and it’s written that I reach my daily limit. When is the daily limit resetted? Or anyone else impacted with that issue ? I know, no account-related issue, it was just to ask if I am really dtupid or if I should contact the support.

Edit: happened to some teammates too
Edit 2: i talked about daily limit, but it is written “limite atteinte” (frenchy…) wich means “limit reached”, nothing about daily, my bad

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It’s happening to everyone. Devs will need to fix

Calm down bro… “patience is wearing thin”… the daily reset literally JUST happened. They can’t fix something in a matter of minutes. They’re gonna fix it (probably tomorrow since it’s the weekend).

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I’m not just talking about this issue. On the related topic on why we are unable to unlock yeager before the first bounty, I’m disheartened to see that the devs are not directly addressing this… they are just sugar coating their replies.

Besides, this is just one of the number of issues that have not been addressed

Yeah, I think everybody wants to know this is bug with or you did so, Devs? I hope that this is bug. Because latest updates getting worse and worse… For devs not enough that they did a limit. I don’t think that all players will be pay for new hero. Only some. And in this case, game begins not interesting… who would be play in this game if Devs doing good things only for themselves???..

I’m playing 3 months. And only now just wanted to give them a positive rating… for new Min simulator. And again, this awful situation with new hero… and I am not bringing up the theme with latest updates. I’m not happy with the increase in the price of energy and the replenishment of lives, skills. When it was 40 gold for a purchase, I could buy it… but 60 for energy and 20 for skills, for me it is expensive. I doubt I’ll buy for this price.

We are all having this issue…it says I’m at my daily limit and this is day number 2 for trading helios

@Huginn. Can we get someone on this problem soon please and thank you…its hard enough for us to get the new hero with a daily limit but if the daily limit doesn’t reset when the co-op raid does then we are screwed!

The new structure with new hero frags is a topic that is already being discussed, as Huginn has answered lots of questions already through that thread.

The bug is a technical issue, and should be sent as a ticket to support. Posting it here isn’t the approach, and goes against the forum guidelines. :+1:

That’s right, we shld all flood technical support. Clearly, it’s only happening to 6 pple… hmm

Yes there was an answer to the new frag limits but when answering, there is a difference between going over the issue and actually tackling the issue

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