Bronze Energy Canister Fragments

I am farming these to finish out my Hivemind plat, but they are only available from Solo Energy Raid and 2-2 City Hall normal mode. I noticed after spending roughly 100 energy on hard mode 2-2 that these are not available in this mode, however Bronze Mech Canisters can be found in 2-9(+Night fragments) and 4-6 hard modes. Just wondering if this is working as intended and Energy heroes are supposed to suck up Stamina and solo energy raid refills.

That’s peculiar but I don’t see it as faulty - it kinda clearly shows which item you can expect to find before the mission. I always expected the same loot from normal and hard missions (given they’re the same mission) but I recon this can’t be trusted in completely.

You can get energy bronze canisters on 4-5 Hard (Keel’s frags)

Thanks for the tip, I will add this node to my daily farming.