Change my mind: there’s should be a 1v1 tournament

Since Kaishi was mentioned as a duelist I thought it might be cool to even temporarily have an actual duel event. What do you guys think? Would Kaishi dominate like his design infers, or perhaps another victor emerge? Good or bad idea?

Terrible idea, would be broken with a lot of heroes taking advantage of one on one

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@Seldiora Think of it, Moss and Operator well become the most useless hero alive if that happens


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Pris would be good one on one I bet. I think it sounds fun, but they should limit the amount of matches one can do for all our times sake, and remove the elemental bonus.

Everyone would play a damage dealer with high health. So everyone would play 4cep.

That’s possible, but it shouldn’t stop them from trying such an event. Make it last a day, give everyone like only 5 entries or something. I still think it would be fun to see who the best one on one fighter is. It might be 4-CEP, but it might also be Kaishi, Pris, Panzer, Artemis, even Phalanx. There are a lot of heroes who might excel at this. I don’t think it’s open and shut that 4-CEP is King. His revive would be practically obsolete, and heal blocking won’t matter in matches against non healers. I wish his bronze was interruptible though like other channeling abilities (e.g. Phoenix).

You can always run a 10 star 5 bar with 4 bronze. That’s as close to a 1-1 as you’ll ever get.

That’s more like 1 on 5, not 1 on 1

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