Chesterfield boxes

I bought create

that says in the description very clear the prizes and that came frags of castellan from 10 to 100 more that would come the frags won all the prizes except the frags fo castellan as it says in the description I want my frags !!! I paid for them

Contact support not on the forum. Not much they can do here

It is probably an advertising error, it probably means Chesterfield frags and not Castellan frags. The clue seems to be that the text is orange and the name of the crate is Chesterfield crate.

Nonetheless, this is pretty sloppy. The error (if it is indeed an error) is repeated throughout all the tiers where there is a description of the extra frag drop (2,3, 5, 6 and 7). If you bought it for the Castellan frags I think they should do right by you.

By the way, devs please look into it, Beck frags seem to be dropping 30 instead of 60 (maybe it is intentional because she is a native 2-star hero?).

so more i won all the prizes including chesterfield frags if it’s a mistake it’s normal there are always bugs nothing is perfect kkkkkkkkkk

if they answered for the support even contacted there but do not respond is just an electronic message when it is around here the efficiency of the problem response … so I speak here I am sure that several people are with the same problem … or doubt … so I’ll talk here yes

I honestly don’t see a problem coming to the forums to report an issue, frequently in-game issues are experienced by a wide group of players who have the common problem. You may or may not hear from a dev but at least other players can share their experience (if similar) or tell you what to do to get help.


yes of course … so post here … already had several problems solved just posting something here … already in support can not say the same excuse if I’m taking heavy more games are like this in the forum is already given attention that we expect in the support of the game

Well you did the right thing by reporting it here as it is a bug and you are warning other players about it, however like some other posters here I just presumed it said chester frags without reading it lol

The better question is did you actually get your chester frags?

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so here it says 9x from other heroes chester frags came in their midst 3x plus the main prize usually comes out prominently did not appear … when it came to the prize list there would have to be 10 frag wins there were only 9 and the other prizes

You can post this here, sure. Let other players know you’re experiencing the same issue. That’s good for solidarity, but it doesn’t help solve the issue. There’s no way to investigate your account from here. So while it’s good for making noise, it doesn’t give us actionable data and account access.

I would contact support. If they don’t immediately solve your issue, there’s a reason for that. If all problems were easily solved, they wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

yes I agree but I sent support no answer so far I’m waiting …

Then you wait for support to respond yes

so far nothing or automatic message

Hey guys,

As it was a Chesterfield Crate, and players got Chesterfield frags, even though it was listed as Castellan, we won’t be substituting prizes. You got the correct frags we intended. For those who bought the Chesterfield Crate and were hoping to get Castellan frags, we apologize for the miscommunication.

Needed 24 more frags to upgrade Castellan.

I hope the intention is not also to give such surprises. The consumers shouldnt be the ones to bear the cost of inaccurate product information

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The mislabel of the frags was an error. We don’t seek to intentionally mislead anyone. There’s nothing nefarious going on. Mistakes happen, and I apologize again for the inconvenience.