Co-op Hero Fragments and Currency Changes Coming Soon

so what your saying is that HH and all plotted to make people panic with releasing a hero you had the option to buy (again not a necessity to buy right there on the spot) before implementing a different approach on how to unlock a hero.

I’m saying they used an extremely common update release model to implement this change with the least backlash possible, yes.

That’s a lot of conjecture. Feel free to provide feedback, but try not to rile everyone up with your theories on why we do what we do, when we do it. It’s not helpful. Please review the FAQ/Guidelines.

It is indeed conjecture, and my assumption is that anyone reading my comments does so with the knowledge that they are nothing more than my opinion. I’ll dial it back in the future though and I apologize if my replies came off as pot-stirring.

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i for one accept change and hope it will help my alliance members unlock the hero together to be able to use him in game and for whatever bounty. Cant wait to see it released.


Not sure if I missed this but will it be fixed limit of 8 per day as per screenshot? OR will it be dependent on level of player?

I hope its later e.g. if I can trade level 85 coop limit should be 12, 10 for level 70 and so on.

As I see it, you can get 8 of his frags daily. The rest are random hero frags.

The way I see it is that this is a way to limit new hero frags for people who reset coop raids or farm around vip, which is a good change.

But that same limit for lvl 25 vs lvl85 player did not make sense to me. Higher level players ideally have more stars on their heros and need more frags to make new hero playable without sandbagging. I am not necessarily talking about players with heronium access here.

More options?

Me as a player that can’t pay 30$ for new hero, at level 85, now I can get 12 per day when I trade with my ally, after update we can only get 8 per day. 4 less than before, I don’t bother my self to do the calculation but I know I can’t get new hero before the first bounty, don’t need to mention about upgrading.

I don’t like this change at all, old system was way better (before bucket).

About rest of thread I don’t have any comments cuz I don’t spend my gold or whatever on them.

Don’t want to go off topic but god damnit HH, would you please spend a little time on matchmaking?? Sandbagging problem?
I started to feel that HH is completely Ok with this since matchmakings are not getting better. Wow just wow


If you don’t want to go off-topic, don’t go off-topic. Nobody is making you. Please refer to the FAQ/Guidelines.

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Exactly, Thank You.

You had GOOD time with co-op and fragments for new Hero , we give you the WORST, now we force you to get along with BAD, and good time is gone for good.

It should be like this, if not, there is not so much to say I guess.

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Well I’m glad you guys are making money from people like me stupid enough to buy new heros. Because you will be losing a lot of players fed up with you guys cash grabbing every chance you get. This is the worst idea you’ve had and I am really saddened your pulling this crap. Limiting people frags that are willing to spend gold they earned is a horrible idea… You will be losing a large customer base. Not only will most people not be able to unlock new heros before first bounty, but everyone for us that pay for the hero it’ll be impossible to add stars without having a heronium farm. Horrible idea. Please rethink your money making tactics as I’m SURE you were making enough before this tom foolery


J’ai hâte de voir ça, merci pour votre écoute

( j’écris en français pour vous faire utiliser Google Traduction comme moi de mon côté je suis toujours obligé de l’utiliser pour comprendre ce que vous dites lol)


Some peeps can’t grasp on how things work. Crying “cash grab” is just sad.

You have the opportunity to get the hero. It’s your own sin that you cave and get the hero.

Just adapt to the change

I’m interested in knowing what the set gold price will be for the resets.

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If that’s the mentality you choose to have, so be it. If you can’t think of the different ways to solve a problem, then that fault is your own. You sit there like you are being forced to do something and have no other choice of an alternative. Think about it

Maybe I’m missing something… Why is there a cap on frags per day and why is the frag per raid drop going down as well?

Also it sounds like the price of skills, bucks and stamina are going up… Why?

Let be more specific how is this better than bucket? Currently u can trade coop and get 12 frags w out even a reset… W reset trade 24 frags for only 80 gold… In 10 mins as opposed to 3 days. How is this better? Plus why do this with a faction that has a 7 star hero that most don’t already have?

I dont see how this even a little bit helpful. I have no problem with how you released bucket, games aren’t free to make so you put a price on her, that makes sense and I happily bought her… But why cap how fast we can acquire and build yeager if we want to pay for it?


There are things that I see positive but others do not seem clear to me. This limit coops per day delays players who do not invest in the game. I bought a bucket and although they say that this benefits the investor, it is not entirely true. Bucket is one of the worst heroes, it does not hurt in hunting, it does not work for pvp, little power and shielding in general a bad investment. If they want us to pay we feel satisfied, put heroes that do work for the bounty and the pvp. my bucket has 10 stars and four plates of platinum and low 11-13m that does not give me an advantage it was just a bad investment and it is not said in pvp it looked like paper with the ronin p5 that they use and that “justly matches” the game.


I had hard time understanding it before but now after reading it all it is just sad.

Limiting a player to earn 8 frags of new character from raids is bit blocky for me. I usually grind my new characters to 6* solely from trades but I won’t see that happening in future. I am F2P and this new system seem to support the idea which is absolutely opposite to what I liked about this game and invested so much energy and time into.

I don’t mind not having character for first bounty at all since I never spent gold on reset. But putting a limit on frags for Co-op raids means players will have to buy crates, which I can’t buy as freely. I can’t invest much of elemental frags because I haven’t accessed heronium store, since all my 8* and 9* were taken away from PvP and Gauntlet store after grinding them for months.

8 frag for 16 days means I can get character to halfway to 5* at end of raid event. This is way disappointing for me since it feels useless to invest in character which will be unfarmable for don’t-know-how-long and as per trend characters aren’t that useful after faction event is over.

And you had to do it for Watch - faction with characters like Artemis, Heckler and Oro - which I still haven’t unlocked after playing for 5 months. Just sad.

I am cut-throat brutal when it comes to bounty but with this constant shuffling of store and new raid limit just seems to dilute my competitive spirit. I only hope this isn’t a beginning where things go just worse for players.

Whatever it is or will be in future, it is still a game. It should be fun and we can adapt to changes only if it is fun and worth it. Give us something stable because I can only imagine what new players would feel like who are starting right now. Only silver lining could be in that character pool which is yet to be disclosed.