November Update Release Notes


With our November update, we’re happy to roll out a new Event type: the Bounty Event!

A “Bounty” is a rogue Hero that you and your Alliance will work together to hunt and eliminate. Defeating a Bounty will reward your Alliance with Bounty Points. The more Bounty Points your Alliance generates, the better rewards you will unlock. The number of Bounty Points a target is worth is determined by their difficulty.

You are required to be part of an Alliance to participate in a Bounty Event; no lone wolves allowed! Work co-operatively to take out difficult Bounties to maximize your efforts. Don’t worry if you don’t manage to kill a Bounty Hero in your first Hunt, the damage done will remain for your next attempt. This means if you leave a Bounty with only 500 Health Points remaining, an Alliance member will be able to finish the Hunt. Co-operation is key to dominating the leaderboards!

While this Event is active you’ll be able to discover new Bounties while playing any game mode, even while using Quick Wins! The difficulty of a Bounty is relative to the Team Level of the player who discovered it. Team Level 50 players may discover more difficult Bounties for their Alliance than a Team Level 20 player would.

During a Bounty Event, certain Heroes will receive bonuses when hunting Bounties. For instance, Salvatore could be a Featured Hero, receiving extra Health and dealing bonus Damage while hunting a Bounty.

Bucks Exchange Improvements

The Bucks Exchange has been reworked to better meet the current state of the game. Previously, the Gold to Bucks conversion did not scale. We have adjusted this so that the Bucks payout is based on your Team Level. As you progress through the game, you require more and more Bucks to upgrade your Heroes. This change in payout for Gold to Bucks conversions will help keep the exchange a viable option for all users who find themselves short on a few Bucks. We’ve also added a neat system where it’s possible to get lucky and get double, triple, or even ten times the normal payout!

New Main Menu

When you first launch Hero Hunters after the update, you may notice that the Main Menu has changed! We’ve made Co-op Raids more accessible on the main menu, instead of buried in the Raids menu. You will also have a better overview of available activities to you; for example, the number of Gauntlet resets or PvP Hearts available. These are just a few of the changes we’ve made to the UI. Tell us what you think!

Post Match Stats

Have you ever wondered which of your Heroes was the real MVP in a mission? Well, wonder no longer! The November update brings a new post-mission feature which allows you to see how your team performed. With this new information, you can easily hone and refine your team to achieve new heights.

New Heroes

Ghoul Ghoul

A cunning tunnel rat. Ghoul is one of only a few sewer-guides that can navigate the vast catacombs beneath the city. He controls the battlefield, laying traps and igniting enemies and – and the ground itself – on fire, dealing relentless Bio-Chem damage over time. Ghoul will be available as an upcoming PVP Reward. Look for more information soon!

Gammond Gammond

An old sheriff. Gammond and his loyal deputies still maintain a semblance of law and order. This seasoned officer is an aggressive brawler that can quickly sweep through weak enemies, reviving fallen allies as enemies are killed. Gammond will be available as an upcoming award through Co-op: Assault on City Hall. Look for more information soon.

General Changes

PvP Store

  • Removed randomized Hero selection, displaying all Heroes
  • Matador added to the store.

Total Number of Quests Increased

  • The maximum number of quests needed to complete to collect your final objective each day has been slightly increased to reflect all the recent new Daily Quests we’ve added.

Star Rating Cost Reduction

We have drastically reduced the number of Fragments required to promote Heroes from 6 Stars to 10 Stars!

We have reduced the Fragments needed to earn 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 stars.

  • 6 Stars reduced by 150 Fragments
  • 7 Stars reduced by 430 Fragments
  • 8 Stars reduced by 1,090 Fragments
  • 9 Stars reduced by 2,540 Fragments
  • 10 Stars reduced by 7,460 Fragments

If you have Heroes at any of these Star Ratings, we have given you Fragments for that Hero equal to the total Fragment number reduced for that Star Rating. For example, if you had a Ryker at 6 stars, you will receive 150 Ryker Fragments.

The Star Rating for your current Heroes has not changed, but you may be able to promote some of them immediately with all the extra Fragments!


City Hall Co-op Raid

This update brings new difficulty settings for this popular Raid, and along with it the chance to get one of our new Heroes! Get Gammond and gear up for the new Bounty events in November!

The Gold gear that was in this Raid has been moved to the Gauntlet.

Hero Changes

Ability Descriptions

  • Improvements to ability descriptions. Important elements are color-coded and formatted for improved legibility.

Artemis Artemis

  • Base Star Level changed to 7

Bolt Bolt

  • Improvements to his abilities to make his kit feel more unique.
    • Adjusted Shrapnel Storm:
      • Now fires a bolt that splits into smaller projectiles on impact, each dealing Mech Damage in an AoE
      • Increased Damage
    • Adjusted Barbed Bolt:
      • Increased Damage over Time duration from 5s to 10s
      • Reduced Cooldown from 22s to 16s
      • Increased Elemental Damage over Time
      • Reduced Damage
    • Adjusted Called Shot:
      • Reduced bonus Elemental Damage
      • Reduced bonus Elemental Damage over time
    • Adjusted Synthetic Skin:
      • Greatly increased bonus Elemental Armor

Halo Halo

Halo felt underwhelming compared to other heroes with similar roles. As such, her abilities have had significant improvements to better support her allies with powerful heals, and a devastating multi-target attack.

  • Improvements to his abilities to make his kit feel more unique.
    • Adjusted Protective Glow:
      • Increased Shield Health
      • Made visual changes to the Ability; improved visibility of which Hero is receiving Heals
    • Adjusted Discharge:
      • Can now damage up to 5 enemies (4 bounces), each target hit slightly reduces the chance to bounce to another target
      • Increased Elemental Damage over Time to initial and additional targets
      • Made visual changes to the Ability and bounce effects
    • Adjusted Stronger Together:
      • Reduced Heal over Time

Heimlock Heimlock

Heimlock receives some minor rebalancing to keep his scaling in-line with other Heroes.

  • Adjusted Chem Bath:
    • Increased Damage Resistance
    • Increased Heal of Time
    • Made visual changes to this Ability with minor changes to the projectile behavior
  • Adjusted Sterilize:
    • Reduced Cast time
    • Reduced Bonus Health
    • Increased self Heal on Cleanse
    • Made visual changes to the Ability
  • Adjusted Booster Shot:
    • Reduced Bonus Health
    • Made visual changes to the Ability and removed chain effects
  • Adjusted Power Drink:
    • Reduced Bonus Health

Matador Matador

  • Now available in the PvP Store

Moss Moss

  • Made visual changes to his Abilities

Odachi Odachi

  • Made visual changes to his Abilities and Weapon

Phoenix Phoenix

Modifying the ability to provide more ‘immediate’ damage, as well as making it easier to see/counter when/who is currently being incinerated, as the damage output is much higher than previous.

  • Adjusted Incinerate:
    • Increased Elemental Damage over Time
    • Now provides a self buff and increased self Damage over Time for more reliable DPS
    • Changed self Damage to a flat % so armor reduction does not affect the rate of self Damage
    • Reduced Mana cost from 60 to 50
    • Made visual changes, Ability now chains instead of firing separate projectiles
  • Adjusted Matchstick:
    • Reduced Damage
    • Reduced Elemental Damage over Time
  • Adjusted Phoenix Flame:
    • Increased Shield Health
    • Will now Revive at 50% Health

Prophet Prophet

  • Base Star Level changed to 7

Razorback Razorback

  • Adjusted Taunt:
    • Shield must be broken to reflect Damage - but 100% of the Damage absorbed is reflected
    • Shield must be broken to trigger Damage
    • Increased Damage dealt per Damage absorbed

Richter Richter

  • Made visual changes to his Abilities

Savage_a Savage

  • Now available in the Hero Crate

Surge Surge

  • Made visual changes to his Abilities

Vanguard Vanguard

  • Made visual changes to his Abilities

How fast do you get bounties i used 1200 energy on quik winning misions but nothing

The Bounty event starts tomorrow.

Sorry my mistake should have checked

Is 0.10.1 just to hotfix the team selection issues?

No, 10.1 was to fix other issues. Team Selection not working as intended in some cases is getting fixed in 0.11.

Can’t come soon enough :grin: