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appeal to the developers.

we know that there was already a question about resource trading in the game. This idea has been repeatedly recognized as bad. I totally agree with that. This will cause a huge number of additional accounts that will feed the most basic. But vseravno there is a problem.
There are resources that accumulate and have nowhere to spend them and they lose interest and meaning. but more on that later, this is for dessert. :smirk:

The first thing I would like to say is the resource convector inside my account. There are four types of crystals: red, yellow, blue and color. Many players, playing at least a year, have not tried a colored crystal. This is so many. Why can not make converter crystals? Why can’t players change them? from the permutation of the terms the amount does not change.the player will eventually spend it all. the amount of resources depends on the activity of the player, this is the case. converter can be paid. for example: change 100 red to 90 yellow. take 10% for the exchange. thus, the player will use their resources efficiently.

Now I would like to talk about dessert.

Why do we need so many T-shirts and colored sand ??? This is a rare resource, everyone has already forgotten about it.

LET’S MAKE AN OPPORTUNITY TO CHANGE IT FOR GOLD? I THINK IT HONESTLY! This resource is covered with dust for a long time, it has nowhere to spend and it accumulates it is not clear why. or do you plan to make ten faces for each hero at once ???I think no. so I propose to change it to gold. It is a trifle, but a very pleasant trifle.



Thanks for the feedback!

Good evening) Great idea!)

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You do too much for the players to invest. Think about the players who do not invest money in the game. of a large majority and you do not appreciate them. they are the ones who advertise your game on social networks for free, showing off their success in this game. they are your likes, views, downloads, ratings. I doubt that the narcissist donater will post a post with your game in his instagram among expensive cars and beautiful food.
I see that they wrote about the game before and I see what they are writing now. Before, the game was praised by absolutely everyone. And now they write that the game was privrati in the vacuum cleaner for the selection of money. and lags and errors are becoming more and more.


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I understand your position. Thanks for the feedback!

this needs to be implemented.

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I don’t see a Gem Converter happening. It’s too much on the F2P side. Essentially, just playing PVP and Gauntlet can get you Heronium or Alliance Gems; Alliance Gems earned from Patrol Crates (minimal effort), Alliance Wars, and Events (minimal for some) can turn into whatever other Gem; different Gems can be used to get different gear items… basically, each type of Gem has its purpose and it should stay that way.

As for the Skin Token & Nanodust conversion… pretty much the same as before: too much on the F2P side. I would love it, but I don’t see this happening, either.

you can’t get alliance gems from gauntlet or pvp -_-