Dev-astation 2: New Time

Hello Hunters!!

Due to the conflict in time with the Current PvP tournament, we will be rescheduling Dev-astation 2 to 1PM PST (10PM CEST).

Same day! Just a little later on.

Thanks! See you then!

Congrats & thanks for the fun to all our Hunters in Dev-Astation! The Rewards have been sent to our 45 winners, be sure to claim them from your Inbox! Happy Hunting!

  1. chensi81 [dhv]
  2. [d3mon] faranfarooq
  3. [nik00] mary720
  4. juan20ice [mxvip]
  5. [tpk] quaker
  6. moderntalking [imp]
  7. [4fit] jemi
  8. sweetplace [sve]
  9. zeemotech [fric]
  10. originalname [bratz]
  11. nicx [lab]
  12. nj8020 [motl]
  13. [vigil] ydeskaravell
  14. epicwolf [blkws]
  15. [die12] Top Dog
  16. [aes] placata
  17. [808] rygel
  18. lton benjamin [gtw]
  19. tyrantor [blko]
  20. [tmbl] kata01
  21. Team Atomique [kcmo]
  22. Strebel [en1]
  23. Gyzmo [h8us]
  24. Spacely sprockets [tgac]
  25. happybob18 [keg]
  26. Carlos Alberto257 [gwos]
  27. leatherjokester489
  28. ruoi [toke1]
  29. incognito515 [251]
  30. xsavitar [ptw]
  31. [gewar] capsurfer
  32. vinz67 [ffam]
  33. omegapikon [xlnc]
  34. [b4ked] axxonjaxxon
  35. jcpruckus [dk1ng]
  36. jackwolf [blkws]
  37. [251] lilasskikr
  38. Cont3 [fearz]
  39. hutchpa1979 [ufo]
  40. kraterios [vigil]
  41. ][llgn] kouzy
  42. hvicca [motl]
  43. vindie [g10]
  44. shortyda [crux]
  45. C H R 1 5 T 1 A N [m4rc]
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What is the conflict? Couldn’t we meet in PvP in the tournament? Now we got to choose either to use our PvP resets and lives in the tournament or save them to the Devestation2… we don’t get new toons until 2pm PST so just after this ends??? My proposal is to either stay at the original time announced in 10 min or wait until 2pm PST so we get a toon refresh to play with.

Then I would also have 7 resets I could spend gold on… now I have only 1 reset left if I don’t have to use it the next 40 min to defend my top100 tournament position^^

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As far as I know, tourneys and free play use a whole different set of lives, so you can use all lives for PvP tourney and still look for devs after that

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Maybe, but if that is the case I still can’t spend gold on resets if they are already used.
Ooooh: I forgot, you don’t spend money on the game :wink:

I wonder if you are trying to be passive-aggresive there


I have killed sn4cks

I matched and beat you and received a congratulations on Chat but did not receive anything. {BCOMP}SYLKZ. Can I get some help and love here?

Sit tight! All winners were recorded, and prizes will be granted soon. Have faith and patience!

ill sit tight! Any idea on when I should check back?

How about now? :slight_smile:

Maybe a tip to help, screenshot it to make sure you have the evidence?

perfect thank so much!