Dev-astation 3!


Come one come all! Welcome to the second installment of Dev-astation!!

We’ll be playing Free Play PvP on Friday June 22nd from 11am - 12pm PST (Pacific Standard Time). Enter Free Play, and if you happen to match up against one of the Targets listed below, and win, you’ll receive an exclusive prize!

Come and hang out and hunt with us, we’ll be streaming on Twitch too!


Try to match up versus these targets in Free Play for your chance to win prizes!
HHG: Howitzer
HHG: Munnin
HHG: Huginn
HHG: Sn4cks
HHG: Bomb Bella


If you manage to beat one of us, you’ll be eligible for the following reward!


  • One prize per person will be handed out to those who beat us.
  • Winning a second time against the same HHG member, or against a different HHG member, gets you bragging rights, but no additional prizes.
  • We will be sending you your reward through the in-game inbox

Thanks for joining us for Dev-astation 3 & our first Twitch Stream! Congrats to our lucky 47 Winners; check your inbox to claim your bragging rights! Catch the Dev-astation 3 recap here:

[HED] Repiek
[kore] racon987
[QTM] Poobgloob
[aesgo] fux angels
[4war] mosesgetnasty
[imded] ikandy1
[f4tal] kopasus93
[u5a] slicks24
[4war] thabartender
[itl] videl
[Oui] logicbombs
[0FCKS] Asis86
[SCLA] Lyonsthabeast89
[MFPR] FortyBang29
[wtaf] duke zergem
[AT0] Lemi837
[own] mystichex
[merkk]Drift King
[8144] Groggamog
[TW111] Chipper906
[Ruswd] Epicwolf
[DRWLF] CandiedFrenemy285
[Dadan] Maiweichean
[GODKR] Power Se*
[FTA] Jacklort Team
[Paldo] Peacefulgosling133
[251] Lilasskikr
[Nocry] Digasdiagao
[PLATH] KillYoSelf


Fun! This time I hope to fight some of you! :slight_smile:

Cool. Last time I struggled finding any of you. Any chances we can get some approximated power so we don’t go too low or too high?

Yeah we’ll be posting power in VIP chat.

I’ll try and get an approximation sooner for you.

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Sounds awesome hopefully i can fight one of you Guys this time

Ok brush now I’m showdowns fight the devs now it’s good

will a scrub like me be able to face you guys?,

Can’t wait I need the Gold :muscle:t6::wink:

Here’s the time for European players. I am working for the time but I hope I can play some games


Friday evening is not the best time for us europeans. At least not for th eones with a life beside the game.
Would be great if you next time could choose a time which makes it easyer to participate for us :grimacing:

Working the night shifts? Looks like I’ll be able to play as I’m on office hours and 8-9 PM is my prime playing time.

What about players that have not english vip chats?

@JokerAHAHA For now, the format is to go into Freeplay and try to match against devs, so you’ll still have a chance even if you don’t have english VIP Chat. There’ll also be a Twitch stream and you can chat through there. In the future we will likely move to PvP Duels instead of using Freeplay.

Re: the power range being posted in VIP Chat, we’ll post in Discord as well :slight_smile: