Dev-astation 2!


Come one come all! Welcome to the second installment of Dev-astation!!

Knuckle up and get in line! Take a crack at playing head to head PvP versus select members of the Hero Hunters Developer Team!

We’ll be playing Free Play PvP on Thursday May 10th from 11am - 12pm PST (Pacific Standard Time). Enter Free Play, and if you happen to match up against one of the Targets listed below, and win, you’ll receive an exclusive prize!

Come hang out and hunt with us!


Try to match up versus these targets in Free Play for your chance to win prizes!
HHG: Howitzer - Team Level 40+
HHG: Munnin - Team Level 50+
HHG: Huginn - Team Level 40+ (Power: 14,500)
HHG: Sn4cks - Team Level 50+
HHG: Bomb Bella - Team Level 10+


If you manage to beat one of us, you’ll be eligible for the following reward!


  • One prize per person will be handed out to those who beat us.
  • Winning a second time against the same HHG member, or against a different HHG member, gets you bragging rights, but no additional prizes.
  • We will be sending you your reward through the in-game inbox

Will you guys be running Platinum Halo/Baron/Keel to make sure that nobody can actually beat you?


:fire::fire::fire: :fire_engine:

Can everyone who has, please run Halo platinum to show Devs how stupidly broken this hero is.


Can one of you guys please run a 40k+ team so that its easier to find you

Dev-astation 2 happens after the May Update :wink:

@Ajin, We’ve made sure we have developers capable of playing at different power brackets this time!

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Can you please post the GMT time, most of the people I know calculate from the 0 time line not the Pacific standard time, cause right now it looks like it’s at 8 pm in London?

Also I use a 24 hour clock GMT+1

breaking: halo being nerfed in may update

breaking 2: may update dropping before 11th may

According to this website the event should be at 7pm GMT, or 19.00

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Thanks for the response, summertime isn’t helping with this xD

Instead of completely nerfing Halo, how about just disable platinum skills for pvp. No sense in ruining it for the rest if the game. It’s like getting Prophet and complaining about him being too good.

I think they will nerf her like moss

Can only trigger once per second

Any chances we can get average power team of all devs, just like Huginn’s? That would help making a team with enough power to find you.

@Howitzer - is this a casual announcement of the new heros? It’s the first I have heard Cinder’s name and not even sure what the guy is called. Is he the stop sign guy then???

@KOMODOCHAOS They released the May Update video roughly 5 days ago which announced the heroes, as well as the changes that are to come.

Cool - was that on this website??

OK I challenged in next update
OK no scary

11am PST is 8pm CET, could you please confirm timing and correct the mistake in the picture of the Dev-Astation event. I will be playing Pvp constantly that hour hoping to face one of you developers in a match, great fun HH.

Weird! Google says it’s 7pm :o Possibly got the time change wrong? :frowning:

11:00 a.m. Tuesday, Pacific Time (PT) is
7:00 p.m. Tuesday, Central European Time (CET)


11:00 a.m. Tuesday, Pacific Time (PT) is
8:00 p.m. Tuesday, Central European Summer Time (CEST)

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After last event you guys said you will keep me in mind that you have players outside of USA too.

As a start please share the time in UTC :stuck_out_tongue: