Time to discuss Dogface

I use him all the time, he’s by far the strongest sniper, and the only hero that can delete heroes of the opposite element with ease. If the round goes “late game” he’s the only hero that can easily kill 2-3 other heroes, even if they are opposite element. Also, he has too much health and/or armor. He’s way harder to kill with a green than sentry or artemis or cross or prophet et cet. is by their elemental opposites. And he does way too much damage relatively. Now I’m not suggesting a huge nerf, don’t go overboard, but his basic attacks need to do about 10% less damage, his health should be reduced slightly and his special attacks need about a 10-15% reduction as well. Would make him balanced instead of dominant, which he is right now.

With the Halo team nerf, it’s now really hard to play blues, as Dogface is just too strong, And to the people who are going to post (I know you’re out there) please don’t say that Maven or Odachi kills him easily, anyone who is good at PVP deletes either of them instantly, and they are way squishier than Dogface so please let’s not have a stupid argument about how he’s actually easy to kill…

Paired with Mandrake and Caine he’s very very difficult to kill, and if you have blues on your team you’re in trouble. You think your blue will kill the enemy Mandrake? No, Dogface will kill your blue first for sure. And your AI heroes are almost never targeting him, whereas your frontline blue is targeted by opposing Dog plus an AI hero or two. Even in the Halo meta he could still win, in fact Dogface or Savage was the direct counter to Halo teams (almost all of my losses using Halo teams were at the hands of a powered up Dogface). 9 out of 10 top players I face now are using Dogface in their primary team, that alone tells you he’s OP. I also use him in my A team now that Halo is over - he deletes Gammond, Phalanx, Sentry, Heckler, basically every blue with ease. Get to his special abilities and you basically automatically win the round…

When Halo teams were meta, allowing Dogface to be OP made some sense as he was a direct counter. Now he’s simply too strong…

And as a reminder, I’m not whining here, I can beat Dogface, and I also use Dogface, I’m just an advocate for game balance. I’m happiest when any team that I build smartly and has good synergies can win if played correctly. That makes a game like this lots of fun. When you’re forced to build against one hero above all others it means balance is a bit off and the diversity of viable teams that you can build is reduced…


I think part of the reason why he is considered a strong pick is because he is arguably one of the easiest hero to farm shards for. The higher the star rank the better the base stats are. A 9* dog is going to feel like tank compared to a 5* Odachi who does do a lot of damage, just not enough to knock him out quick enough.

At least at higher levels, my perception is that he outshines a lot of other heroes (All elements not just mech) because of that gap in star rank. Most of the other easily farmable heroes that see a ton of play in pvp (Mandrake, Gammond, and sometimes Matador) are not focused on damage but rather on the team surviving. I just think changing him now without seeing how he preforms against other high star ranked damage dealers could pretty much bury him from competition when other heroes hit 9 or 10 stars. I know some people have already hit that point with a bunch of heroes at 9 or 10* but there may be heroes that dont see a lot of play right now or are hard to farm that become great counters to him because they are now on an equal but competitive level. Like above, there is nothing game breaking about his skill set or causes an auto win for someone just having him on there team. Hes a great hero who happens to be easy to star up so he has the advantage over a lot of mech heroes, and energy enemies when it comes to damage.


Seriously is time to discuss everything and move on to … lol

I am talking about 10 star dogface with other 10 star heroes…yes he’s too strong when hes the highest starred hero obviously, but right now I pvp at 55k power and yes he’s still too strong even when all the heroes are 10 star…

He is my primary weapon, but is not unbearable.
Everything depends from the team balance. Not big supporter of the constant changes, as all my work goes away.


His somewhat slow reloads make up for being so sick and powerful!

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I wouldn’t mind a slight nerf to Dogface and I think you are spot on with your suggestions. He’s way too tanky for such a high burst DPS hero and the fact that he’s on the back line to boot makes him really difficult to deal with. I’m not sure I’d throw all those nerfs at him at once but a good starting point would be to make him a little more squishy and to reduce the damage of his basic attacks.

I’ve got a high level Platinum Dog too and I use him all the time so it’s not like I wouldn’t be affected by a nerf as well. But I’d absolutely be on board with toning him down in the name of game balance. Fewer “must-have” meta heroes so that we can have a larger pool of viable options would be awesome.

It pains me, because Dogface is one of the heroes I invested most. He was my first plat, and he carried me through pretty much all story mode, and a lot of events, like these new solo raids.

But I also believe he could use some balancing. His damage is high enough to wipe bio tanks with ease, once he has his upgrades, which, in my opinion, is good as it is. But given how he can be that devastating, I think he should be a bit more squishy. Just like Odachi, Sapphyr or Kunoichi are heroes that can deal a lot of damage, but can be killed fairly easy, I think Dogface max HP could use a reduction.

Im not gonna venture with any numbers, but I wouldnt complain about any reduction to his survival (well, as long as they don’t make him a hero that can be oneshot). On the other hand, I think his damage is in a good place, given how he needs to apply both skills to be really deadly, and they have a long CD, but maybe Im talking out of fear, because his damage is what allowed me to clear a lot of maps, like 7-1 hard, and I’d dislike to see it reduced. If his HP is reduced, people could take him down before he goes Godface.

Platinum odachi is more overpowered than platinum dog, because odachi heals himself fast (I’m speaking about 10* and Caine saving odachi). Same time blue one overpowered is prophet. What’s the problem?

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There are several ways to do deal with dogface. I use him as my primary dealer and as long as you kill or disable him in some way or kill enough of the opposing team before he has a chance to combo his skills he’s fine. If anything needs to happen his elemental damage needs reduced and put on as regular damage. That would fix the complaints about him destroying blues and still leave him a force to be reckoned with.

There is always domination of some sort. If is not dogface, will be someting else. Dogface is. It unbitable at all.

Dogface has obvious weaknesses though, as his reloads and abilities are slow compared to most heroes. It’s only when he has these abilities that he is a serious threat. Outside of that, he is average for health and above average damage, as expected for a dps/support like him. To say he’s tanky is not true either, because there are other heroes in the mid and rearline that far out tank Dogface(Prophet, Ryker, Salvatore, Fortress) If you manage to take out Dogface early in the game, which is easily done with a high elemental damage bio chem hero(Ghoul) or a high non-elemental dps character (Dogface, Kunoichi, Ryker), then he’s done for, and quite possibly the entire enemy team


Oh no…people r attacking GodFace now, I cnt wait to see who the next victim is; poor peeps

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Oh wow there’s gonna be a new nerf victim in the horizon.

But you can cheese him when he’s reloading/casting his skills. You can partially break covers or save your skills with interrupts/stuns. Even with mandrake’s invisibility you can partially see his silhouette and melt him with a bio hero. If he’s with caine then you have to make sure you melt caine then dogface.

Hero hunters pvp is about who to kill first. This is also true on how people should have handled plat halo. I really wonder why people complain with every difficult mechanics they encounter.


Lol only a matter of time b4 they want to nerf elite rifleman xD

Let’s nerf every hero to 1 HP


Yeah, or 1 damage from one hit


They should just cut his damage in half,

and make a condition that “He does 2X DAMAGE to boss monsters”.

@JnnBtns no

Dogface is ok, I finish him in PvP easily, just no, terrible reload, slow fire rate, slow moving, just no

My odachi destroys him in seconds, hell even a strong mandrake destroys him.


Odachi or mandrake kills him quickly. He’s only annoying when paired with caine if caine protects him then it’s gg. His burst is insane but it’s mostly fair because of how crap he is for the first 20 secs of battle. Without him it would be very difficult for new players to progress.