Double Rewards/ Double XP/ Double points weekends and events

We have all played online games with double XP weekends before, so my simple question is why can’t this model fit into HH? Now the first thing I can hear you say is that we don’t earn XP from PVP so what would it matter? Well it could be linked to points instead, let people be more competitive than ever and double the points or even double the bonus to 60x instead of 30x. Let there be record breaking numbers and better fights for the top. Or instead of double points maybe just double rewards instead? Why not both you ask?

We have seen before that bounty can have different and significantly better rewards during the gilded festival, we have also seen in the recent coop-blitz that the rewards are doubled. So why not a double reward bounty weekend? Just something to get more people playing, people have been calling out for better bounty rewards for a long time and this could be a potential option to test out a higher reward option, double the rewards or double the points perhaps instead. Double the patrol points? Let us get a taste of the ruby patrol crate for once?

There are a lot of things in the game which are either unobtainable completely (Ruby patrol crates) or are far too easy to obtain that the rewards become stale (Bounty). Double rewards/ XP/ Point weekends or events may be an option to test higher tier rewards and how people react without having any long term implications/ side effects as it can go back to normal the following event. A shakeup every now and again can be beneficial for both the players who want higher rewards and the developers who may want to try out new reward systems?

We have seen the overall happy and grateful response to the latest Venomdome and Coop-PVP blitz, they are already testing this system by the looks of it, but I can see how this can be applied to other aspects of the game, would be interesting to see feedback on this concept. I think it would especially be useful for a double patrol points since the rewards are there but are quite literally impossible to reach currently.


Talking on patrols the limits could lifted on first one or two days when the new round starts. This will help everyone ( more help to vip players ). In turn for that extra slot one more hero on patrol players would start accounting that too and would come forward to spend. Currently because of limits one more slot in patrols doesn’t affect much.

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For bounties, We can add 1 extra tier rewards where if your alliance cracked that milestone then, alliance will get double the rewards of 1st tier milestone (just my opinion).

Honestly I’d start playing again if this were added. Would help me catch up lol. Pls add this HH :grin:


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