Double xp weekend

So had this idea. For a while. If it can be done in the future, cool if not. No big deal. Basically once a month, on a weekend we get double the xp. So this would give a small boost for those trying to get to 95+. The xp we get as of now is fine, just takes a long time to level up.

Just a thought to help boost us to that level.


Only if you buy Mountain Dew and Doritos first.

Wait, wrong game.


Sometimes rather go Ginger Ale and Sun Chips

Sounds like an odd combo, but it’s good


I like Cherry Coke and Sour Cream and Onion chips.

I’ll pass on the feedback about double XP. Thanks!


Oof, I prefer the wild cherry pepsi. I think I’ve only had the sour cream and onion ruffles. And this is making me hungry. Best i got at home is Doritos :yum:

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Game? Wasn’t that meant to a specific person???:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Haven’t eaten chips in a while, but damn i love those Paprika from Pringles!:drooling_face:

I believe Halo 5 was a game that had outside 2x exp codes on foods

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Or adding some xp on completion of daily quests…
We get 5x frags of cinder+30 golds… Adding some xp would be helpful… Just saying

You guys haven’t said anything about my ideas of patrol change and forfeit option for pvp matches? Even though everyone liked them

This is covered in the rules. We’re not able to reply to everything on the forum, but we read and consider everything. Thanks for your feedback!


There is a time and place to talk about patrol ideas. This isn’t the place.y thread is specifically about xp, so don’t hijack it and change the subject.

They provided you with the answer, there is no need to get offended just because they don’t reply to your post specifically.


We hid the second one because it was a duplicate meant to grab attention. Again, I’m going to need you to read the forum rules before you post again.

If you think we only respond to people we like, I can tell you right now that this isn’t making me want to reply to you in the future.

Let’s get back on topic.

Very unprofessional; I guess you guys like someone’s idea who is beneficial to your company than fair to players. You guys hided my last posts and didn’t respond so I posted something similar again but still you guys like things that benefit only you not fair to players.

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This month is going to be my last month playing this game; only helping my alliance. You guys let me down with your selfish and unprofessional response.

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Jado liked my original post about this and I completely forgot I even made a post about double XP ages ago, linked it here maybe something to add to the discussion.

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Support! :+1: :+1: :+1:

Didnt take you much to leave the game, who tf cares abt patrols?

I do if they got rid of patrols I’d quit

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Haha, tbh i dont believe you are serious :slight_smile: