Double xp weekend

Second time I’m asking to keep it on topic and not hijack it with some other issue. That’s what another topic is for. Thanks


Vip players and players who are 75 level higher care about patrol

Bro they hide my post so where should I talk about it. By the way, everyone’s got your idea, I am replying to him so he can understand better

Hijacking someone else’s post to talk about something else is against the rules, regardless of whether you feel entitled to do so or not. This is firm and non-negotiable.

For the eighth time today: re-read the forum rules.


I just replied to other guy

I just replied to him so he can better understand.

And I just gave you extremely clear instructions. All I care about is that you follow them, and go re-read the forum rules, and abide by them. I’m not interested in anything else, including excuses or justifications or your sense of entitlement.

Final warning.


I read it now and I am not breaking anything . I am being respectful and engaging; just you wanna enforce totalitarianism where everyone should text what you likes. One rule was agree to this agree. By the way I am not going to post anything in others who doesn’t like it

From this point forward, all posts in this topic should be on-topic, or the topic will be closed. Thanks.


Fun conversation. So sad he is out

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Another brief reminder: ban evasion is against the rules. And yes, we can tell if you’re pretending to be somebody else when you come back after being banned.

I would love to see doublers for XP too. Maybe that can be something else to consider as well? That way, it’s as long as you buy them. But earning double XP is a great idea.

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