Extreme Coop or Ruby Strike

I propose a mode to help out players who are getting at the Ruby stage in their progress.

Example could be how we have the strikes that give out the canisters. I propose one that helps get you Core MK VI Fragments. To get a hero from Plat 5+ to Plat 6+ (ultimately to Ruby), we need 206 of them. found in one place, it is a bit of a grind to get that many and it can take a good while.

If not Strikes, maybe have a higher tier of Gorgon. This would be available for players only at level 95-100. Could be like an Extreme Coop version. Each stage helps you get components your heroes would need to get them to the ruby stage.

I also would like that the enemies here would have different skins on. It wouldn’t be much of a challenge if you made em stronger. that’s just basic. make it exciting with like Rare Skin+ or even Mythic skins. Imagine going up against like a stronger Gorgon and you now have to fight like a Mythic skin Chesterfield (I’m just spit balling names here)

that’s the idea.


Would definitely love harder coops. Maybe close to what extreme is. Gorgon 90 and the rest are just races. They don’t require and input

Seriously, it’s so hard for them to get the mk6 core parts

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You could give me a couple of these if you don’t want them :yum:

How did you get so many? Every 160 stamina fill i get 1. It’s a struggle every day.

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