Found GLITCH of blocking user feature

I block this user says joendoe, he is also in my alliance,
the weird thing is I invite a dojo to alliance member and then he can join my dojo invite which it should be he cannot join, and then we ran dojo but i did not receive his invite back.
Ideal :
user blocked whether he/she in alliance or not they must can not join our dojo invites :feeling rage:

Moral of story; don’t trade with someone if you blocked them for a reason.
Also why you in a alliance with them tho???

you don’t get it despite he is in my alliance or not, blocked user shoud not be able to see my invite duuh, this aint for you anyway

Why would you be in a alliance with someone you don’t like or you have a problem with where is the team’s work here, what if you have to tell him something or he has something to tell you, just leave the alliance, they’re a lot of issues to fix than this one bro,lmao.

The blocking feature only works on dms. It means he won’t be able to message you. when you invite someone it goes on their dms. but he wasn’t able to invite you back because you blocked his connection to you.

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