TapJoy free gold?

Hey guys so I’m loving this game and what not tho getting the free gold from TapJoy does not seem to work for any rewards worth over 100 gold for me.

Just curious if this happens to anyone else or if I’ve just wasted a few days playin g other games ?

Therese often a timeframe in which you need to complete the offer. I got lots of gold for doing stuff in other games, most recently attack a level 2 monster in Lords. I also did the 2500 gold thing in Final Fantasy.
Only thing I don’t get hold for was the Kobo offer which also included making a e book purchase (20 cent). I contacted Tapjoy 10 days ago showing proof I did the offer correctly but they still haven’t replied

I’m waiting on 1k gold for upgrading my citadel to lvl 10 on final fantasy, I’m really hoping I get it because that will give me a good boost in New hero’s to play

That offer is either a 7 or 14 day time limit so as long as you do it in that timeframe you should be okay. I didn’t see that when i tried mine…

Can we have a filter on tapjoy? For instance, Reward Highest to Lowest???

It is basically shopping so why not?

How did it go, did you get it?

Here are some TapJoys I’ve done:
Gratorama (basically sign up at some poopy Casino and spin your free spins) I DID NOT GET MY REWARD FOR THIS YET. Still waiting. It’s supposed to be over 1000 gold.

Kobo (sign up, make a PURCHASE, download app and read your purchased book) I DID NOT GET MY REWARD FOR THIS and I contacted TapJoy 10 days ago and sent follow ups to my ticket 2 times - no reply from them. Going to ask Kobo for a refund even though it was only half a dollar. Was supposed to generate 400+ gold. Avoid this.

Portal Quest (install and reach team level 10) I completed this in 20-30 minutes and it generated 72 gold. Good deal. The game pretty much plays itself and it’s colourful and fun to watch.

Lords Mobile (you’re gonna have to play for a while but it’s do-able, you have to upgrade your city until you reach a certain level - then research level 2 monsters) I did this in 3-4 days or so. Got my 443 gold.

Still have not gotten my reward and yes I completed it within 4 days.

I have emailed them and they said it may take 3-5 days so they can look into it …

They won’t reply. I am still waiting for a reply to my Kobo offer issues, 11 days waiting now. I sent them a final mail telling them I feel insulted by their lack of respect, and then I asked Kobo for a refund of my few cents I spent on the e-book. :slight_smile:

Whenever I have an issue with gold, I message them and get my gold once I submit my problem.

I messaged them exactly one month ago and provided proof and all. No reply. Lots of follow ups.
Whenever I ask Hothead Games to get in touch with Tapjoy to escalate my ticket Tapjoy sends me a mail but still no gold. Last time they sent me a mail because Hothead asked them 3 days ago saying i will get my gold “during the day”. Well 63 hours later… :frowning:
I’ve seen some Tapjoy offers I wanna do but I’m not going to until I get my reward for the ones they’re trying to cheat me on.

The key is to make sure you do one offer per click. Don’t have more than one offer open and also they did the same to me but they got back to me about my gold reward and sent it to me after two months. So I guess I can say be patient

Tapjoy has declined a lot of my legitimate claims. I don’t do them any longer since I don’t want to reward shitty companies like FFXVANE who are the worst money grubbing game I’ve seen