Happy 2022 Scavenge Hunters!

Hello Everyone!

We wish you a Happy New Year 2022! We are looking forward to some amazing times and awesome adventures with you all during this year. Hope you’ve had a wonderful time during the holidays celebrating or not.

A little birdie told us that some of the gifts from the scavenger hunt were hiding a bit too well so we’d like to give you a hand. Mostly because nobody likes tryharding hiders in any game:

18 - District 6- Mission 1 Hard
45 - District 12 - Mission 10 Normal (you need more than a lower graph for this one or!) -
53 - District 2 - Mission 10 Hard (here we put 2 gifts on the same map)

Of course, we won’t tell you exactly where they are since we wanna keep it just a little more interesting (hehe)!

Again, here is to an amazing 2022!


I know it’s late but “Have a great 2022 Hunters”.

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