Hero Concept: Arbitrage the Mafia Gambler

Icon_ElementMech Arbitrage

77d62d747b0227c7bce6591f9206078583cc45a6 (1) PEOPLE’S GUARD

Arbitrage, the Mafia Gambler, joins the community gallery! Arbitrage creates nearly un-winnable situations for his enemies by creating powerful buffs for his allies!

Primary Weapon: Poker Chip Pistol

Covering the Spread

Bronze Skill - Active Ability
Arbitrage randomly activates one of the following three buffs, with a 25% chance for all allied heroes to receive the buffs: improve mechanical attack damage by x for 10 seconds, gain x health, or recover x health per second for 5 seconds.

Royal Flush

Silver Skill - Active Ability
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**All allied heroes gain x attack damage and receive 25% less damage for the next 10 seconds. Additionally, all heroes’ skills gain a 20% faster cooldown rate. **

The Underdog

Gold Skill - Passive Ability
At the beginning of each wave, the allied hero with the lowest health gains [The Underdog]. Allies with [The Underdog] gain x attack damage, x health, and 15% movement speed. [The Underdog] expires at the end of the wave, or when the ally is killed.

The House Always Wins

Platinum Skill - Passive Ability
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Becoming the House, Arbitrage is determined to win. The first time this hero receives lethal damage, he becomes invulnerable for the next 10 seconds. During this time, he gains x attack damage, 25% faster skill cooldown, and 20% movement speed. If any enemy is killed during this time, Arbitrage is revived with x health. If an ally is killed during this time, the timer resets back to 10 seconds.


Ruby Skill - Passive Ability
Each time this hero uses a skill, he has a 25% chance to recover x health and gain x attack damage for the next 5 seconds.

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except you cant use that character. You should also site the art you use as it goes against forum rules as well as the art posting rules
Important Note About Image and Art Posting - Community Gallery - Official Hero Hunters Community (decagames.com)

有猫在 - Casino character design (artstation.com) ← the art you took from without siting correctly

I credited the websites in the first character box. Do I need to add the url specifically?

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