Hero Concept : Captain

My hero concept for Hero Hunters called Captain.
Description: A veteran UAF Officer. Years of service allows him to embolden his allies and calls in chemical strikes that expose enemies in terms of armor and cover

Some lore:

  • Ever since Zero Day, UAF Captains and officers have been encouraged to use “end justifies the means” methods. This meant that officers were free to use any method, no matter how illegal or inhumane, as long as the desired result is achieved.

  • Many officers resorted to chemical warfare using corrosive and acidic substances enhanced with spare heronium, while others used illegal means of gaining money to increase training budgets.

  • Despite their dirty records, Captains were praised by most or all troops under their command for being able to change hopeless battles to winning ones with bold orders and knowledge from previous battles.

Captain’s Skills:
This hero calls in a chemical airstrike. Damages up to 5 enemies in the battlefield, dealing X bio-chem damage per second. This effect lasts for 10 seonds.

Orders allies to stand their ground, increasing their damage by X and shielding all allies by X. This effect lasts 15 seconds or when the wave ends.

If an ally affected with [NOT ONE STEP BACK] kills an enemy, they gain a charge of [MORALE BOOST]. Each charge heals X hp per second to a maximum of 3 charges. If the wave ends or the afflicted hero takes critical damage, all charges are depleted

[CHEMICAL BOMBRADMENT] now damages any cover afflicted enemies are behind, slowly. [CHEMICAL BOMBARDMENT] now reduces X armor

image1 (1)
A skilled Support Hero can’t help their team if they’re down for the count. This Hero gains a X armor bonus and a 30% increased chance to dodge.

Captain’s Weapon: Trench Whistle Carbine

Firerate is 5 rounds per second with high accuracy. Makes it easy to score headshots, but damage is lower than average.

That’s pretty much the entire concept, thanks for taking the time to read through it and sorry if it might a little longer than other concepts. If anyone’s wondering why Captain and his carbine is drawn on paper rather than digitally, it’s because I’m more used to drawing stuff on paper


This hero would be good for campaign missions maybe extreme, but a BIG NO for PvP

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