Hero concept “Fredyis”

Fredyis is a Viking shield maiden who does fight for honor but glory. She is an offensive mechanical hero who utilizes her bracer as a shield. She has since traded in her ax and now wields a pistol. Her role is to apply consistent damage with help of other shielders. Her knowledge of her heritage makes her forgone heavy body armor to become fast and agile.

Bronze skill: ( Warcry) Fredyis points at target enemy and releases a shout. Her warcry increase her damage against target enemy for 10-15 seconds. If target enemy had shield the her bracer activates and transfer shield ( 75% shields health) to her and destroying the targets.

Silver skill: ( Battering Ram) Fredyis pauses for a moment to gain her footing and then lunges at target for moderate damage. If she is has a shield up the damage is doubled and reduce enemies armor for 5-10 seconds.

Gold skill: ( Indomitable Spirit) while Fredyis has a shield (hers or teammates) she gains increase damage. Her shields have a small chance to be rengenerate when destroyed.

Platinum skill: ( Viking Blood) passively increase her crit chance as well as when struck increase crit damage ( stackable up to 10 times) and small chance to reset the cooldown of Warcry by 100%. Crit damage stacks are reset once she lands a critical hit.

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Ragnagal like this hero

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Good concept, I like her gold that has a chance to give her a new shield after her shield is destroyed!

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