Hero Concept: Senshi the Headhunter


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Senshi, the “Headhunter”, is joining the community gallery! Senshi increases his power while making sure his targets will be finished off!

Primary Weapon: T38 Laser Sniper

Skills Header

Heavy Impact Rounds
Bronze Skill - Active Ability

Senshi changes his rounds, causing them to deal Mechanical Damage but decreasing the fire rate by 45% Senshi changes his mag size from 11 to 7 and his new rounds ignore armor.

Clean Cut
Silver Skill - Active Ability

Senshi jumps and slices the targeted enemy, dealing Mechanical Damage and having a 50% chance to inflict Deep Wound. Enemies inflicted with Deep Wound take Mechanical Damage for 8 seconds and are marked and silenced for that duration. If the enemy is killed before Deep Wound expires, the effect has a 40% chance to spread to another enemy.

Gold Skill - Passive Ability

A good headhunter has to be able to finish his targets and to stay alive while doing so. Senshi gains Attack Damage and a shield at the beginning of the wave which absorbs damage.


Platinum Skill - Passive Ability
Whenever Senshi headshots an enemy, they loss 10% of their health. The percentage goes up 1% every 3 levels. This does not apply to Bounties and Bosses.

Doing Damage
Ruby Skill - Passive Ability

This Hero receives an Mechanical Damage bonus as well as 30% skill charge boost to their Bronze skill.


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This is a very well done concept, awesome!

Omg this looks real

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