Hero idea: Mystia

Yet another dogface-like hero. Mostly an ability showcase so its just a concept. Anything surrounded by ( ) is a variable that is to be decided or changed by the devs.

Mystia: Storm Reaver
Rear-Line Energy Dps/Disrupter
Marksmans Rifle: Pressurized Zephyr
Health Rating: 2/5 Damage Rating: 4/5
Fire Rate: (2) bullets per second
Clip Size: 12 Reload Speed: 5 seconds

Legendary Pirate Marksman with an equally legendary reputation. A ruthless assailant, she uses pressurized steam to dish out high burst damage, and harpoons to break shields. Supposedly runs the Black Market.

[Riptide] Bronze
Switches out her bullets for harpoon shots, (moderately) boosting her energy attack, allowing it to pierce cover, and root targets for 4 seconds. Crits demolish shields.

[Steam Tank] Silver
Attaches a gas canister to her Steam Rifle, allowing shots to be fired twice as fast and (slightly increases) basic attack damage. Lasts for 3 reload cycles.

[Blunderbuss] Gold
Stuns for 5 sconds on shield break, and powers up her next shot (moderately).

[CrowsNest] Platinum
Mystia can always clearly see cloaked figures and marks them on hit. She gains 10% crit chance on shielded or marked targets.

I dont know what to add to her platinum without making it anymore busted as it is, but it’ll do for now.
For design, in my head i just pictured a steampunker/pirate look. So maybe Goggles, boots, brownish leather clothes with a white trim.

Made this back around September/October, before anvil, but I forgot my password and just recently reset it.