Hero Project (Oscria- Hero with Pleasure)

This hero inspired Nightinggale But has Different Story
Name: Mary Oscria Schmidt
Faction: Rangers
Class: Mech
Line: Rearline
Weapon: Sniper Rifle


She is German Sniper Which was can be Encourage herself
Due Incident Zero Day, She comes to Usa with Boat as she have invitation by Prophet who has meet him since he was A solider by Her during World War III
She has know each other include Astrix and Mandrake


This weapon Inspired Dogface Weapon But Ammo using High Damage, Barrel Marksman and Can Knock with Limb Damage. Now This Weapon Called Midridge Resort CRX
Name: Midridge Resort Crx
Accuracy: 50
Damage: 80
Ammo: 10
Fire Rate: 65


Bronze, ReStrike: Same like Dogface silver skills, Including Staggered and bleeding
Silver, Reheal: Hero are using Healing and gain some Streaks power and Increase Cricital
Gold, Anhillate: Same like Bronze skills including Stuneed and more Damage at the limb
Platinum: Emergant Seeker: All Hero gains More Powerful and regains Effect Attack
Ruby: Medical: same silver Skill including Regenerating Health Plus Clear all negative Effect
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This hero Combine Dogface,NightingaleAnd Hardscope

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