Hero Project (Relieve-Breacher Soul)

The Mysterious Woman Has Appear in The city But Sometimes lIke Taskmaster She would be Attack you if dont obey around us
Name: Anna"Relieve"Thompson
Faction: The Watch
Class: Mech
Line: Midline
Prologue Anna Was Born in Southern California,Her Father was Sergeant Police and Her Mother was Ground Military Forces.Unfortunately, Her Family Was Killed by KLG Blackops during Patrol leader by Kurtz
After That survived, She would be adopted by Her Aunt name Jane, she is Her mother friends that would feeling to me

She will used black Suit with Hooded which was called Black Wanderer because Her aunt gave it to makes Follow the other side

Face Reveal

She used dark Brown Hair with Bravest Beautiful Woman because she is Servant,have Knowledge and many more


Name: Carbine Shotgun
Similiar to panzer But More Accurate,Range, Reload using Magazine
Fire rate= 40-75 sec
Reload= 2 sec
Damage= More damage than Panzer,Mauler and Anvil

Bronze: Faded-Give Duration to invisible and killed each other (Inspired Mandrake)+ Stunned enemy
Silver:Blast Out (Is shotgun have grenade launcher?) dont worry there is attachment hero using attachment to Explosive enemy (Similiar BFG Hardscope)
Gold: Threaten( If Enemy Spotted u. you have given chance to kill enemy, after that hero will gave more health and enragement
Platinum: Femme Fatale( all hero will gave buff skills,Damage and etc to kill each other)
Ruby: OverDrive( this hero will have more defense and increase hero skills)

fix in silver skills change Shotgun Grenade launcher to kills enemy and spread out

like this