Heroes that should be booted

There are some heroes that are worthless… Even maxxed they are worthless.
Should be able to trade in heroes for items. Anyone agree?

Nope, all heroes are good at a certain level

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There are many underpowered heroes, yes, but the role-warfare will make them useful.

Just like Clyde, who was underpowered than Panzer, got significant CC buff in one of the recent updateand I loved it.

I don’t really think if HHG ever allows hero discarding for items, but they are worth the collections for patrols of you don’t like certain heroes whom you think worthless.

So my final thought about trading heroes for items is I don’t agree.

Again, if you don’t like those heroes, don’t upgrade them.

In my opinion, the role warfare will make worthless heroes more reliable in pvp, soI upgraded almost all heroes to gold.

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What point is Galante good at?

Benzema worth more than galante

I think there are heroes which are not very functional, but for a game like HH, I’m sure there are still people who use them in their loadouts. Invariably that comes with 60+ plus characters. It’s best to make tweaks to the existing characters if needed, and only use them if they fill a very specific need. That is what makes the game fun.

What’s good about Fischer ?

each hero serves a purpose. just because you havent figured out how to use em, doesnt mean they are useless. learn, adapt and overcome the differences

During bounty weekend when you want to keep your good teams together they do a great job on patrols. Just be careful who you put together on a team or they may get themselves in trouble while on patrol.

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