Heronium Store Request

Hello Devs,

As some of us has grown over the years, the store has stayed relatively the same. Would it be possible to:

  1. Change the store to more accurately reflect one’s Tier? For example, if you’re in the Mythic Tier, have more platinum components available for purchase instead of bronze/silver/gold.

  2. Increase the colored frags for purchase in the Heronium Store. Right now, we’re capped at 60 per day and unable to reset the contents of the store. If you can bump this up to 100 per colored frags, that would be greatly appreciated.


I Agree…

Yes I think that’s an awesome idea. Could always use extra frags.

What tier are you at? Since as far as I can remember my heronium store has only consisted of plat parts. I’m at 1.5m+ power ATM. As for the frags… they won’t change the limit. 60 a day of each is pretty fair IMO.

Tbh i care more for frags :slight_smile: only plat parts here as well, im at 1,37m pwr

I was referring to the black market as to where I’d like to see more platinum parts available at higher tiers.

There are plat items in the black Market it’s just rare

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