Inferno mode

many people play from easy to extreme are ok. btw I have suggest Idea to new Diffulty
introducing Inferno Mode
Q: What is inferno mode?
A: Inferno mode is mode of difficulties same like Extreme but The enemy Are using Ruby Hero from 1-7

Q: What Kind A prize In inferno Mode?
A: These prize in Campaign,Solo Raid, Coop and else. Players will Got Ruby Material, Ruby Fragment , Mk Ruby, Many Tickets, and so goes on ( Means 2x Prizes than extreme)

Q: Is that Really hard in Inferno Mode?
A: yes That Would Be Harder, So Choosing hero Wisely with Elemental

Q: How to Complete in Inferno Mode?
A: In Campaign Using 3 hero (Same Like Extreme Mode), coop (Using1-3 hero) Solo raid plus any events( Using 5 hero but Choosing wisely) and pvp

Btw This is Suggestion mode.
So What do you think About Inferno Mode is Good or nah?

Just Reply The Comment Below

In my opinion, extreme mode is already hard enough.


ah for me extra prize in inferno mode

and also coop maybe level 150/200

Also Avalible in
Solo raid ( Standard, Event, Faction)
Coop ( Standard, Event, Faction)
Pvp ( Coop pvp, Solo Pvp, Brawl Pvp, Draft pvp)
*possibly yes or no

in Campaign U should finish the chapter without Pit Stop
example 1-1,- 1-10
u should prepare wisely
if hardest u can Change hero lately on different levels
example change hero at 1-5,1-7- 1-9 and so on
after change hero u cannot change again
inspired by 24 Hours Le mans

Let’s see people complete Extreme first. Finish your plate before you ask for more :stuck_out_tongue:


Who asked for more…I am yet to win a single extreme ,can’t imagine many finishing all of them except for few… :sweat_smile:

Extreme already has the enemies over level 200 and ruby+3 to ruby+6

Inferno mode? I thought I was playing that already in district 4😭

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Hmm Will know about the result

Solo raid adding inferno
Coop raid adding Hardest level like 115-125 plus
Pvp: Inferno Pvp ( same like draft but you have chance 5 plays aganist high players) if out a chance u can use gold or waiting time

Have you finished all sectors in extreme?
Doubt theres more than 50 players who managed to do that, so they definitely wont add new modes until some decent % of players finish extreme mode.

Yup, I think district 14 extreme will be extra inferno enough… :slightly_smiling_face:

I think even 3-10 is ultra inferno for most :slight_smile:

probably @McGinty disreict 1-2 are worth for inferno

Mayabe Adding diffuclt

maybe One story must Complete including pitstop
if Lose Start Again to Finiush the District
inferno coop
inferno solo
inferno pvp

one Thing I most Forgot
Gauntlet = Well Double money and Gauntlet Frags But Including Challenges

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